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Kiir revokes appointment of six MPs

president salva kiiir

Kiir revokes appointment of six MPs

President Salva Kiir has revoked and appointed lawmakers to the national legislature.

In a decree read out on the state-owned television, SSBC on Thursday evening, president Kiir revoked the appointment of members of Lake State Legislative Assembly under the SPLM.IG ticket.

He annulled the appointment of Hon. Abraham Majok Bol, Hon. Atem Loi Awan, Hon. Majok Marial, Hon. Abdala Malek Machiek, Hon. Magret Lali Adwany and Hon. Isaac Maal Mapech

Kiir then replaced them with Hon. Abraham Makuei Bol, Hon. Mabor Ater Bol, Hon. Majek Baibet Majek, Hon. Machiek Mayen, Hon. Rebecca Michael Manyiel, and Hon. Kockidia Pangek.

In a separate decree, president Kiir also appointed Donato Bol Chan to replace Joseph Bol Chan who succumbed to a heart attack in October last year in a Khartoum hospital.

The decrees did not mention why president Kiir effected the changes in Lake State Legislative assembly for the members under his party.

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