Kiir revokes appointment of 35 MPs days before taking oath

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Kiir revokes appointment of 35 MPs days before taking oath


Almost all the MPs whose appointments were revoked are from Kiir’s SPLM except for the 2 who are representing South Sudan Opposition Alliance.

President Salva Kiir Mayardit has on Saturday night revoked the appointment of 35 members of parliament just 5 days before being sworn in as members of the reconstituted Transitional National Legislative Assembly (TNLA). Almost all the MPs whose appointments were revoked come from President Kiir’s SPLM party except for the 2 who are representing South Sudan Opposition Alliance (SSOA).

Among the MPs who have lost their seats is Mary Nyanut Ring Machar, the daughter of SPLM veteran, Victoria Adhar Arop. Nyanut was appointed on May 10 in what looked like a replacement to her ageing mother who was a member of the last parliament. Her mother now replaces her again.

Below are the Members of Parliament whose appointments have been revoked and replaced by the president just days before the oath-taking ceremony slated for July 9:

1 Jennifer Yabu Lasuba – CE SPLM
2.Huda Michael Laila Daudi – CE SPLM
3 Gowan John Elias – CE SPLM
4. Suzy Anthony Juma – CE SPLM
5. Emmanuel Taban Martin – CE SPLM
6. Diana Richard Wani – CE SPLM
7. Eunice Nakor Paul – EE SPLM
8. Hellen Orasio – EE SPLM
9. Daniel Naroi Lochek – EE SPLM
10 Pasca Ohisa Oduho – EE SPLM
11.Chol Paul Pawel – Jonglei SPLM
12.Nyang Chol Duor – Jonglei SPLM
13 James Guot Pur – Jonglei SPLM
14. Nyawaragak Martin Nyang – Jonglei SPLM
15 Elisabeth Akuol Chuang – Jonglei SPLM
16.Mary Akech Bior – Jonglei SPLM
17 Tabitha Nyanchin Kuojo – Jonglei SPLM
18. Suzana Peter Machar – Lakes SPLM
19.Peter Lual Lual – Northern Bahr el Ghazal SPLM
20 Mary Nyanut Ring Machar – Warrap SPLM
21. Joseph Garang Maluil – Warrap SPLM
22. Neima Abbas Eldo – Western Bahr el Ghazal SPLM
23. Mary Paul Ngundeng – Unity SPLM
24. Innocent Lazarus Latjor – Unity SPLM
25 Simon Gatluak Pech Dak – Unity SPLM
26.Anita David Gamu – WE SPLM
27 Roselyn Samuel Abujohn – WE SPLM
28 Sepura Siapai Richard – WE SPLM
29 Loto Alibiapai – WE SPLM
30. Lawrence Ibon – PAA SPLM
31 Ongeso Cham Ader – PAA SPLM
32 Kengen Jakor Bejo – PAA SPLM
34.Deng Arop Kuol – AAA SPLM
35 Peter Gatkuoth Thot Pakam – Unity SSOA
36 Maria Nyahok William – UN SSOA

The below new members of parliament have replaced those whose appointments were revoked.

1. Bilal Moses Onesmus – CE SPLM
2. Henry Stephen Tanga – CE SPLM
3. Thomas Wani Kundu – CE SPLM
4.Peter Samuel Moga – CE SPLM
5 Sobur John Mansuk – CE SPLM
6. Joseph Dilly Lokura – CE SPLM
7.Lazarus Parmela Farajallah – CE SPLM
8 Natire Anne Grace – EE SPLM
9. Louis Willy Ationg – EE SPLM
10 Grace Abalang Adiho – EE SPLM
11 Elisabeth Nyaruach Tap – Jonglei SPLM
12. Kutin Bayek Din – Jonglei – SPLM
13. David Yien Bilieth – Jonglei SPLM
14. Mary Nyarieka Lorjok – Jonglei SPLM
15. Esbola Majok Bangot – Jonglei SPLM
16. Nyitur Daniel Dhieu – Lakes SPLM
17.Adhieu Thiet – Northern Bahr el Ghazal SPLM
18 Victoria Adhar Arop – Warrap SPLM
19 Samuel Duwar Deng – Warrap SPLM
20 Nadia Mahajub Babiker – Western Bahr el 21 Ghazal SPLM
22 Mary Yol Badeng – Unity SPLM
23. Nyalok James Thiong – Unity SPLM
23. Robert Ruai Kuol – Unity SPLM
24. Nyuon Janguan Loi – Unity SPLM
25. Saleh Saaid Ukuh – WE SPLM
26. Vosca Martin Enocka – WE SPLM
27 Ketura Yola Ambara – WE SPLM
28. Elnama Daniel Joseph – WE SPLM
29. Lorian Ibon – PAA SPLM
30. Charles Welo – PAA SPLM
31. Francis Lokurnyang – PAA SPLM
32. Ayen Luka Ngor – Warrap National Agenda
33 Anthony Jervase Yak – Western Bahr el Ghazal National Agenda
34 bMartin Magok Kawai – Unity SSOA
35. Chuong Wan Rieth Kuol – Jonglei SSOA


Via. Talk of Juba

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