Kiir and Machar Are Overlooking the Severity of Kitgwang Declaration in their Own Risks

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Kiir and Machar Are Overlooking the Severity of Kitgwang Declaration in their Own Risks

By Mak Banguot Gok (Makjohnson),


It is a reliable fact that, neither Riek Machar nor Salva Kiir is ready and pertaining to take seriously an upshot of Kitgwang Declaration. They are in Juba ignoring the effects of that change made by the movement’s military and political leadership in its subcategories. Although the oppressors underestimating the likelihood for the total change of their political status coup, they might be doing so in their own risks.

In Juba, you could never see a sign of disquiet within the partial R-TGoNU; no political action was in motion by the so-called R-TGoNU to address the pending questions raised by the leaders of Kitgwang Declaration. The only claim that there is a peace implementation going on has nowhere to be realized by anybody apart from only those very few whose breads are being buttered with the oil made of the R-ARCSS produces. South Sudan is still bleeding and has a long way to go!

SPLM-IO followers, we have been waiting for objective feedback since the leaders from Salva Kiir’s government and Kitgwang met in Khartoum last month. What were the topics and the principles position arrived at. It’s unfortunate whence we haven’t received an outcome of the meeting and, even the actions that were to follow after the meeting have never been displayed to the concerned public.

Instead, we keep on hearing both Riek and Kiir are normally treading on their routine systemic deception to the people of South Sudan that there is going on a projection of implementing the Peace Agreement. That completely contradicts the reality in Juba. One might wonder now as to “What prevented all the said phases of the agreement from being faithfully implemented for the last three years?”Where are we now in the real implementation of the Peace Agreement if we are too continuous with its alleged process without revisiting the R-ARCSS itself?” Plus many others pressing questions about the kinds of commitments in Juba

Nevertheless, if Salva Kiir’s intention and his cohorts appeared to be accepting violent means over an ideal conflict resolutions mechanism, we from the SPLM-IO movement must also welcome wimpy were it favour military solution. I can bicker with those of the SPLM-IO members who might have been surprised at the receipt of both Kiir and Machar ‘objection to peaceful remedies. This on the basis that, the Kitgwang Declaration Leaders are well informed of the Juba-base political groups that they would never compromise in mere political talks.

For the meantime, the two failed leaders (Kiir and Machar) are caught up in a political bewilderment as both of them struggle to keep up their shaky political status by means of demagogy and deceits. They two (Kiir and Machar) are being forced by demands from their political camps to accept one another for the sake of defending their scrawled government in pretext of R-ARCSS. Riek Machar and Salva Kiir are enemies of their followers and therefore become friends.

Above all, after Dr. Riek Machar have given in to Juba and became only a toothless political loquacious, Salva Kiir and his tribesmen have seen no more concerns of Riek Machar’s political ambition once he is successfully lured in without protection forces of his own. Machar being kept under the Jiang ‘security supervision, he is any longer capable of threatening the Jiang political entrenchment. They want him to be under the same political shadow until he has no ability to agitate. Due to these facts, there will be no alteration as long as the Revitalize Peace Agreement is still subsidizing their families’ enrichment projects.

Kiir and Machar having forged such a brand new political relationship, they do not care nor nerve-racking of the Kitgwang Declaration. On several occasions, the two are trying to curtail the severity of the SPLM-IO movement’s leadership change simply by sticking to their normal political honeymoon in Juba. For an average person, it is so easy to understand how Kiir is taking the two SPLM-IO camps for granted. That is clear whence you heard of them (Kiir and Machar) still mendacious to the people of South Sudan that, “there is to be a Peace Forces scheduled for graduation probably in November, 2021.

The recent pronouncement by the so-called presidency of leeway to graduate a Unified Forces as stimulated in the peace agreement is just a noise. It is purely a reflection of their accustomed political demagoguery. There will never be a graduation of the forces even if Salva Kiir and Riek Machar claimed that to the public hundreds of times. People of South Sudan knew that, neither Kiir nor Machar was telling the truth to one another about anything of a contentious nature which associated the peace implementation.

One can be prompted to ask “is that forces scheduled for graduation and possible reunification shall be designated under whose command bearing in mind the Kitgwang Declaration and fraction of Dr. Riek’s diehards in Juba? What was it that Salva Kiir through his political hummer (Tut Keaw) once communicated to the Kitgwang leaders about the need for a continuous engagement and search for means of political dialogues in an auspice of the regional bodies (IGAD) so that an ideal mean of implementing the peace agreement is formulated?

As I think so many other people have come to comprehend that, both Kiir and Machar are playing diversionary tactics. Therefore, it is up to the Kitgwang leaders and supporters to either cheaply give in to the oppression, or formulate a new mechanism for revolutionary insertion.

And, as far as the generals at Kitgwang were not only geared up for peaceful means of resolving the conflict with the tribalized system in Juba, they are confident and will remain so optimistic that, there are others mean to fight the tyranny and its allies if the later choose war over peace. Thus, the leaders and supporters of the Kitgwang Declaration are having only one of the choices to make in order to triumph. That option is none other than an open warfare with whomever is advantageous of the current tribalized political system in Juba.

And, when it comes to how the SPLM-IO movement after Kitgwang Declaration should embark on preparing for war, the interim leaders (generals) are in front of an intricate reality being the fact that, the SPLM/A-IO left disorganised to the extent of lacking even a strong central command. And, to reactivate the movement for the resumption of the national duty, these few months left to the dry season are for a speedy reorganisation and redeployment of the SPLM/A-IO movement to its designated fields of operation.

Toward the SPLA-IO reorganisation and restructuring, the revolutionary armies are to be simplified to make effective steps in revolutionising matters of combat, command, control, and tactics. This time without Riek Machar, the SPLM/A-IO need to train the freedom fighters and not just rely as usual on volunteers. Although small in number, it should be well organized and trained to adapt to the modern battlefields. A big army is nothing if not harnessing the myriad new technologies for effective military purposes. In this regard, the Kitgwang’s intrinsic phase of the reorganisation should be to make sure that, the restructuring, re-equipment, and indoctrination of a sizeable armed freedom fighters is reached unlike the previous armies led by Riek Machar.

For a tactical reorgantzaiion (such as shifting the focus on command structure from the 100+ man company to the 10+ man Squad), the new SPLM/A-IO fighting forces need weapons. Therefore, it is first a requisite for the generals to seek by all means a way of supplying the freedom fighters with weapons such as, the submachine guns and automatic rifles that a single individual soldier could carry and use. The movement’s guerrilla combatants are to be trained in use of military tactics including: ambushes; sabotage; raids; petty warfare; hit-and-run tactics; and mobility to fight a larger and less-mobile traditional military. And, as the rules of Guerrilla Warfare, the movement’s fighting forces are to be trained in a tactics of fighting a little and then to retreat (i.e. the guerrilla tactics are likewise focusing on avoiding head-on confrontations with enemy armies).

The reorganisation and restructuring of the movement’s military rank and files; streamlining and renovation of the SPLM-IO movement’s political revolutionary front’ reformulation of the revolutionary struggles ‘radicalism by adopting zero compromise on the drastic reform and alterations of the South Sudan political system.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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