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Kenyan court lifts order freezing Dr Lomuro’s bank account


A Kenyan anti-corruption court has rescinded an order freezing the bank account of Minister of Cabinet Affairs Dr Martin Elia Lomuro. This now implies that the minister can now access his bank account and transact Sh13 million (roughly $130,000) that had been at the centre of a dispute in Nairobi’s corridors of justice.

Dr Lomuro’s office told the City Review on Wednesday that the Kenyan high court and the Cooperative Bank had resolved the issue after it was established that the money was not a proceed of crime.

“Anti-Corruption Court Judge Cecilia Githua lifted the freezing of the order and said the minister is free to use his bank account and money after the confirmation from Elia’s source of income as rental income from his private property in Juba,’’ said Abdulrahim Juma, the minister’s press secretary.

He went on to add: “Everything is now clear, the bank has resolved the issue he can use his bank account, he makes transaction transfer as usual”.

Mr Juma said the closure of Lomuro’s account had subjected the minister to financial nightmares with many of his bills and family obligations being unattended.

“During this process, he was unable to do anything, even to send money to his family was very difficult for him and the other issue is that they tarnished his name saying he was corrupted that is very bad,” he said.

On June 4, Kenya’s Asset Recovery Agency ordered the freezing of Lomuro’s account on suspicion of money laundering. However, the minister filed a court case to rebut the order and his case began on July 6 2021.

The Anti-Corruption Court Judge Cecilia Githua said the minister is now free to use his account after verification that the earnings came from salary, allowances and rents.

The court justification, “the applicant (Assets Recovery Agency) is satisfied with the explanation provided by the respondent Martin Elia Lomuro) on the source of funds. The applications dated June 2, 2021, and July 6th 2021 are compromised and the order issued on June 4, 2021, is rescinded,” the court ruled.



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