Is US Dollar a Problem? South Sudan has Natural Resources to improve her Economic crisis!

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By: Abraham Majak Makur

The US Dollar rising is a political move against the leadership of H. E. Salva Kiir Mayardit. The international Community is not far from this bolstering of dollar rise. Our internal enemies seem to be the agents of the Western policies – creating situations to mislead the public. South Sudanese should be aware that we shouldn’t be used to disrupt our own political sovereign country – the Republic of South Sudan.

The upsurge of the US Dollar is one of the moves recently calculated by the power thirsty and hungry groups within the system to stir up commotions for the leadership toppling. My blame goes to the recent cabinet discussions to approve the announcement of an unapproved decision to change the country’s currency weakling, aimed at reducing the economics downturns experienced by the country. The formation of Economic Crisis Management Committee (ECMC) is one of the strategies, although I was skeptical about it. My reservation was based on the handling of past crisis by the same figures we thought to provide the change we all envisaged to bring about.

These people by the end of the day, disappointed our patriotic leader, H. E. Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit, by betraying him to the public to be seen as a complacent leader at the expense of the people of South Sudan. This behaviour now is enriching the utterances of the Oppositions’ against our leadership in the person of H. E. Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit. I hate this and I think, other Patriots would unquestionably concur with my view. This is too much, how can you betray your own country?

In my humble opinion, US Dollar Rise is a professional exercise: this job doesn’t require politics but a work of the economists to leverage what best strategies to use in order to reform economic situation and its growths as required by the constitutions to decide what actions to take to reduce Dollar exchange rate with country’s currency exchange.

My appeal to South Sudan President given my view on the complex situation of the country: fire anyone that misinterprets the political position of the country and appoint who is patriotic enough to defend what the country stands for!

God bless South Sudan!

Hon. Abraham Majak Makur
Former Minister of Physical Infrastructure of the defunct Eastern Lakes State

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