Intelligence group exposed Dr. Kediende’s conversation on Health Ministry’s crisis

Intelligence group exposed Dr. Kediende’s conversation on Health Ministry’s crisis

By Staff Writer

In an exposed conversation titled “bad news for our group”, the intelligence set has managed to hack the forum chat of doctors fighting Dr. Victoria Anib Majur as the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health as confirmed in the conversation.

Dr. Kediende Chong, the Director of International Health and Coordination at the Ministry who was alleged to be behind messes at the Ministry last week has officially been hacked in a conversation on Friday evening with Dr. Makur Matur Kariom, the former Undersecretary revealing that the group was losing the war against Dr. Victoria Anib.

“Good evening, Dr Makur. I hope you had a restful evening. Things are bad on our side. This evening, I was with the Minister Hon. Achuei. She briefed me on the outcome of the Presidency meeting,” the long message partly reads.

“This means Hon. Achuei will be forced to issue ministerial orders to revoke Suspension of the Undersecretary, and to reinstate those that were reassigned by Anip at Juba Teaching Hospital and MOH,” he added.

According to Dr. Kediende, his group was supposed to redraw the strategies to continue fighting Dr. Victoria Anib Majur.

“We need to go back to the drawing table and re-strategize again because things do not look good on our side. The Minister told me the President called her in at the end of the Presidency meeting, and asked her to create a conducive environment where she can work with Dr. Victoria,” he said.

“This is unfortunate as we have never expected this outcome. This could be a last warning to Hon. Achuei. The Minister sadly said she has no other option but to comply because the President directed her boss the FVP Riek to speak with her on how appointed party members should stick to the implementation of the R-ARCISS. Since this has become party issue, we need to re-strategize again,” the message reads.

It is also alleged that Dr. Kediende and Hon: Achuei’s group was dealing with the Minister of Interior Paul Mayom Akec and Cabinet Affairs Minister Martin Elia Lomuro in a fight against Dr. Victoria Anib.

“We must. Let’s meet our friends, Hon. Paul Mayom, Dr Martin Elia, and Dr Moses Hassan and Dr Samson Baba to see if we can convince them influence the decision. Can we meet today (Saturday) at 12pm? We can have lunch together,” concluded the message.

It is not clear whether they are meeting now or not.

Attempts to reach Dr. Lomuro on whether he was contacted or not were not successful as he could not answer many calls.

Dr. Victoria Anib was contacted for comment but she could not pick up the calls too.


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