Improve Education Not Skyrocketing Marks

Improve Education Not Skyrocketing Marks

By  Ariik Atekdit

The nation is lost and I am sure unless the system gives a priority to home base education system will things be addressed.

During exams period we cry of the flying papers resembling questions that appear in exams set for our children, yet again we mind less.

When the results get released; we don’t pay our attention to evaluate whether indeed the high marks our children are getting could actually be reasons of cheating or because there was improved learning situations…. But has our Education improved in any way?

If we refuse to focus our analysis on how could our children get these skyrocketing Marks yet there was no good teaching in schools then the question is why?

Only relying on the high marks not in the process by which high marks were achieved can tell that Maybe something is going wrong.

We need to improve our education system before examination period not during exams.
It will be teachers later to make any better change in the country. The nation must help teachers rescue the country.

As teachers We have “Educational Planning” as a course” that allows us to address the whole nation’s future in a small paper design….the kind of the nation we want to see tomorrow can only be done through curriculum design.

And through “educational measurement and evaluation” by which teachers can tell how much is achieved on the knowledge passed on to our children.

You cannot import syllabuses, teachers and every thing & u determine the result and the better future of the Nation. Let’s empower education through our teachers.

The nation we are making is the nation we can’t enjoy tomorrow because the results will not read our interests!

In the recent secondary school results all families were celebrating and I have not seen people reporting failures.

Children got marks ranging from 70% and above, majority of which don’t speak or write well the language being applied as the medium of instructions. At the end of the day everyone will accused Jama Juba as the reason of poor standard while business might have started long before Jama Juba.

Things need to be done to suit the interest of the public not just at random. The change we want to see must come from us not from cheating the exams or refusing to pay the teachers and expect to celebrate while putting on the gowns.

This week everyone is celebrating for the achievements their children have made. What is in stock for teachers?

If you try to visit schools now you find that lessons are not going well yet again those schools shall later on achieve marks above 90%. What is the secret? How do they pass?

There is more that needs to be done to improve the motivation of teachers and the organized forces and staff that are always involved in managing the examinations so that cheating doesn’t occur.

It is time the nation should look into the Quality not the Quantity of education!!! We have assumed so much but it is time not include dealing quality education in our assumption! Something must be done.

I am not against those celebrating the results but I just wish they could be authentic results!

Nhïälïc köny Ok!


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