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By Ajok Ngong Ayuen.

Everyone has his/her own dream family,it might be one of the family he/her admired and wish to have such family too. A family which is used as an example of best family in the society ,a family whereby children are brought up well,and family where there is respect starting from top to bottom.

Some men think that acting to be rich is a way of winning girl’s heart. If you are real man who wanted to marry wife material then don’t take about what you have,a car you are driving. A lot of girls think that a man who is driving is the rich one but girls are different ,others wish to marry men who are financially stable no matter what and other wish to marry a man with ideas so that they build their family together though no body wish to be poor.Some of these men when you are married you will come to know that the car is for his brother,driver of certain company or maybe he bought with the little money he was having and currently struggling to buy fuel. Such girls when they are married and find it out that there’s nothing in the house,they will feel like leaving that house

A man will claim that he truly loves the girl but in real sense he has different agenda and the girl will accept him without looking at her back if she loves him. He will always call and visit you, expressing the way he loves you
Sweetheart if you love me the send me your naked picture,video
Sweetheart if you love me then prove it

When she accept all those things you will begin to share it’s photos with your friends and if she’s pregnant then you will begin to run away. Eeeh
I don’t know her
It’s not my child
Am not ready to marry
I don’t want to marry her because she was our wife. And if she moves to your house then your parents will not support your idea they will force you to accept her. In that process, you will not stay happily and no love will be among yourselves and your heart will always be outside.

Some girls pretend to be humble, and hardworking like she knows all domestic work when they are in relationships. Then the guy dating her will feel like his prayers are answered. But after marriage ,she will totally change and started to become rough to her husband and in-laws and always cook paper food( kisira) like injera.
How do you think he will loves you like before when he even feel ashamed to invite his friends to the house because of you. This man will not leave you but you will just be mother of his kids and his heart will always be somewhere.

We all need a caring husband/wife, in relationships people care too much about each other to the extent when a person is sick then the other one will call like more then 5 times in a day . But when they are married ,then it will be different story and a family where people don’t care is just standing with one root to collapse.

However,other relationships have strong foundation of marriages. If you accept each other regardless of what the ot
other person is having then the love can grow in you and you will grow in love

Don’t pretend,be who you are and the right partner will love you the way you are. To my brothers, always remember that you girlfriend is someone’s daughter and favourite regardless of her physical look. To my sisters,no one is born rich and a car 🚗. is not a sign of a rich man and know that a man marry for development, change but not for destruction.


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