How necessary are the state of nations flourishing in sport diplomacy the recent case of South Sudan refugee Olympics team in Tokyo Japan

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How necessary are the state of nations flourishing in sport diplomacy the recent case of South Sudan refugee Olympics team in Tokyo Japan


By Dut Augustino Agei

Tokyo Japan


In category of NBA Luol Deng, gold modelist Guor Marial to mentioned but few athlete, South Sudan in the imagination of many would have been the leading nation not only in 2020 Olympics but in sport diplomacy.

People who are South Sudanese are perceived to be tallest not alone in Tokyo but also in the world of sports. Being naturally thin, clever, aggressive, fastest and balanced created the general aura of high jump, conquered and win the game. In African cup of nations the example of basket ball, swimming, wrestling and running Olympics carry the imagination of South Sudan dominion based on being naturally gifted therefore capable to play internationally not only of pride of belonging to nowhere by ranking but also the prestige of flying the flag of South Sudan Tokyo Japan.


According to Olympics 2020 committee, the athletes that are currently representing refugee Olympic team in one way or the other have South Sudan nationals who can form S. Sudan team and play independently.  In NBA basket ball and in fifa world cup besides several other federation in the example of champion league have people from S. Sudan in mind and in case they are trained by the virtue of international standard with sport exposure  the stand a chance of dominating different stadia around the world when they are S. Sudan team and not as associate players as in Olympics, in Chicago and in African cup of nations.


Outside the sport diplomacy ‘’ there were suggestions of Dr. John Garang of the current S. Sudan to join the world from where the world is’’ the case of 2020 Olympics. This was in response to the international calls of South Sudan limit to match the world in term of the example of sport over the reasons of lacking time to prepare team that can plays in some international arenas. In both ways playing the games according to some popular opinions are around the voluntarily coming together of people under diversified backgrounds and form a national team, something behind timeline of South Sudan anniversary of the tenth years of the Independence from the Sudan. By South Sudan qualify for any cup of nation the promising the future participation in Olympic and Paralympic international games.


The sport in both domestics and internationally means coming together of people who are South Sudanese in competition of football, volley ball, wrestling, and intergame under the ministry of youth and culture that carry the benevolent of overcoming national disintegration but enhancing cooperation using national teams that can showcase South Sudan at a different levels of sport partnership with international league that may support S. Sudan developmental cooperation in example of modern stadium, major football fields, and above all promotion of talents across the country in addition to elimination of brain drains of the national players that are currently playing other teams over the reason of lacking peace in the Country. South Sudan future time of predicting better sports in relations to the outside world ‘’ where the playing domestically and internationally are majorly source of income not only to individuals but also to the hosted nations albeit.

Personally I am one of the people who love talented people. In sport people who are with unique talents happened to be my greatest fans. In martial arts the example of gold modelist and marathoners in which the background of South Sudan support carry my special admiration. The summary of both long and short distant runners are said to be people of high creativity, morally upright and are nationalist by nature. South Sudan can flourish high given sport dispensation and enabling environment for people to relinquish some talent lost and to energized the best games to play given the time when they were not a country what if they are a team of their owns.

As South Sudanese we are in a moment of our nations never qualify for African cup of nations. In surprised of many S. Sudanese after independence we had best players under different countries of the world. We had South Sudanese athletes participating in worldly games and won trophies and gold models under different other nations that are not South Sudan, incase the have a country, chances are high of winning different games and by extensions popularizing the nationalism of South Sudanese using sports not only in world cups and Olympians but also in prevention of participating as a refugee of olympic teams. According to fifa laws under the olympic committee, some nations that are under the category of the longest civil wars are incapacitated therefore never had a chance of worldly matters something South Sudan must disputed with the highest forms of extreme.

Finally, representing South Sudan in worldly games or not carry the imagination of show casting republic of South Sudan cultures, tourism, national heritage, beautiful country side and above all the benevolent of correcting the image of being regarded in several headline around the world as war torn nation. People who are South Sudanese are desirable all over the world over the reasons of just being the newest nation in the world and in case the attempts to participates actively in worldly matters in the example of sports the country stand a chance of being incorporated in the nearest federation that will have a relational ties in term of development in solution to durable peace and cooperation internationally as well as nationalistically.

As in olympic 2020, may the system of generations playing for the other countries find the interesting statement that  goes east to west South Sudan is the best. By virtue of being tall, thin, clever, aggressive and people of highest tact of football, swimming, volleyball, wrestling, martial arts and best athletes may find time over and over gain to fly high the flag of South Sudan amongst the communities of nations not only in Tokyo but also the world beyond.







Dut Augustino Agei is a member of South Sudan diaspora civil society group, a Vatican scholar at pro peace institute at the University of Oslo, Norway, a member of the upcoming South Sudan online Blogger South Sudan Foreign Relations Politics and Diplomacy (SSFRP&D) and a teacher at Comboni College in Khartoum & also in Juba; he can be easily contacted via his email address:

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