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Here Are The Richest People In South Sudan.

Here Are The Richest People In South Sudan.


MAK EYEMay 19, 2021


South Sudan is one of the richest countries in Africa, however the wealth of the country is controlled by a few people. South Sudan once faced hunger but its other countries which helped fight it.

There are lots of Billionaires enjoying the country’ s wealth with their families.

Below are some of the rich people in South Sudan.

1. Mr Lukak

Source: facetofaceafrica. com

This business man mostly invests in construction business. It is said that over 60% of the buildings in the capital Juba are owned by Lukak.
sources say his net worth is 360 million USD.

2. Amin Akasha.
This entrepreneur he is the only person who supplies goods annually within South Sudan. He also owns hotels like South Sudan Palace Hotel and Nwe Sudan Hotel.

3. Makiir Gai.

Source: hotinjuba. com

This business man is also a close friend to president Salva Kiir, he has most of the shares in Alpha Bank.

Gai also gave half million dollars to the Football Association of South Sudan. Sources say that he is the procurement officer in the south Sudan Army.

4. Bona Bol Bol Arch.
This business man has invested in apartments, estates in Uganda along Entebbe road and Juba.

He is also the CEO Arech group which deals in businesses across the country. He’ s company was also given a contract to import fuel from countries in East Africa.

5. Kur Ajing.

Source: m. facebook. com

He deals and supplies cars in South Sudan, he supplies government and other organizations with cars.

It is said that he is also a food and uniform supplier in the South Sudan Army.

6. Benjamin Bol Bol.

He is also one of the Billionaires in the country, sources say that his wealth reduced due to the on going conflicts in the country.It is said that they have a contruction company with president Salva Kiir.

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