Gunman shot dead wife, another man at Juba pub

According to a crime investigator, Akok’s wife, Rebecca Anyon Kot was seated at a pub with Akech Manut when he fatally shot at them.

The incident occurred at around 8:30 PM, opposite the Hai Malakal Cemetery on Wednesday.

The presumed husband allegedly opened fire at the duo, when he found them together last evening.

“We found that the woman was already down and shot with two bullets in her mouth and one bullet in her hand, and we found the other guy was killed with six bullets, two in his stomach and two in his chest and one in his neck and one in his head,” the police officer told Eye Radio.

The motive of the killing is unknown.

The investigator who spoke to Eye Radio on condition of anonymity said, suspect Akok opened fire on his wife and the young man before handing himself over to Malakia Police Station on Wednesday evening.

“When they were entering the pub and about to step out of the car, he shoot on them. In the end he went to Malakia police station to hand himself because he’s working in organized forces which is national security,” the investigator narrated. 

The investigator also confirmed that another woman who was nearby is nursing a bullet wound.

A family source revealed to Eye Radio that suspect Longar Akok got married to Rebecca Anyon Kot in 2013, and had three children -two boys and a girl.

The children are aged three and seven years respectively.

When contacted for a comment, the police spokesperson confirmed the incident.

Major Daniel Justin said that the police are investigating the matter.

“It happens yesterday around 8:30pm, whereby someone shot people in Bedouin, two people died on spot and one got injured,” General Daniel Justin said.

“The motive behind the killing is not yet published, but we are still investigating, and we have opened a case, and everything is in place.” 

Justin said the unnamed injured woman has been admitted but is in critical condition.

via eyeradio



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