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Governor of Western Equatoria State is Under Spotlight Over Corruption

Governor of Western Equatoria State is Under Spotlight Over Corruption.


By : Our Senior Journalist Jamalia Abdulaziz.

The war against corruption in South Sudan has been intensified since independence of South Sudan from North Sudan our investigative journalist has spend most of his time investigating and focus to state Governors, who have allegedly conspired with other people to loot public funds using their political parties or positions to loot the public funds.

Lawmakers and the citizens of Western Equatoria State declare Futuyo as a thief and the most corrupt Governor in the history of the state.

In an online article released by Constitution Post Holders in Western Equatoria State, here is the full details of the money that Governor Futuyo embezzled from the salaries of civil servants and Constitution post holders to fund the killing of own citizens in Tombura country.

The total of Western Equatoria State General Education and Instructions conditional transfer for the months of September 2021 [County Education – Primary and Secondary] – salaries and operating costs which was released by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning in Juba is SS186 million o f this money, upon the order of Governor Futuyo, only SS 150 million was transferred by the State Coordinator to the State of the SSP 150 Million, only SSP 100 million was transferred to the counties

The remaining SSP 50+36 = 86 million was retained by Governor of Governor Western Equatoria State .

Details of the Eight (8) Salaries of the Defunct States Stolen by Governor Futuyo (Five Months Arrears:

A. Salaries for; August, October, and December 2020; and May, June and July 2021

– Amadi = SSP 37,786,792
– Maridi = SSP 25,881,630
– Tambura = SSP 20,344,008

Total stolen money by Futuyo from the defunct state salaries = SSP 84,012,430

B. Three Months Arrears for civil servants and constitution posts holders for the months of August, September and October 2021

– Tambura = SSP 20,344,008
– Amadi = SSP 33,045,435
– Maridi = SSP 25,881,630
The total monthly salaries stolen by Governor Futuyo for the above months = SSP 77,925,873

The cumulative total of salaries stolen by Governor Futuyo from Constitution post holders and civil servants over a period of one year = SSP 247,938,303 or (two hundred forty seven million, nine handed and eight thousand, three hundred and three South Sudan Pounds).

Existing evidences such as the dead bodies seen in Tombura after fights indicate that Governor Futuyo used this money to fund the war in Tombura against the Azande people. For example, he hired mercenaries including the Seleka and the Janjaweed from Central African Republic to fight the Azande people in Tombura.

According to South Sudan law, Allying with or hiring foreign forces to fight against one’s country is treason; a crime punishable by death.


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