Governor of lakes state, urges worrying Communities of Kuacdit and Kuachthii to respects Human dignity

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The governor of Lakes State, Hon. Makur

Kulang Liei and his accompanied delegation this afternoon have conducted two meetings in Lakakedu payam and Nyang town with communities of Kuacthii and Kuacdit respectively.

In his key addresses in both meetings, Governor Makur blamed the incident on Executive chiefs from both side who failed their task to register all guns from their civilians. Both naam and Lïth have only reported 10 and 16 guns respectively which is completely deceptive from the chiefs, you thought, you were cheating government and now the result is bitter to both of you, the governor urged the chiefs .

These people would have not died if both chiefs were transparent on guns collection, he said.
The governor told both communities to refrain from violence and warned them that the cycle of revenge killing which the two communities are trading each other for, for a long time now has no benefit to either of the parties.

The governor ordered the arrest of all suspects in two forms, those who instigated the violence and those who killed regardless of the side and asked Executive chief Malath Makur to talk to his people to retrieve all 94 cows including the prestigious bulls and give them back to their rightful owners. Those who slaughtered bulls will be held accountable for their case will be separate from those who raided and subsequently to those who killed people from those who instigated the violence.

The governor told kuac community that three things are to be respected during disputes between two close communities,

  1. Raiding cattle/looting resources.
  2. Rapping girls or women.
  3. Burning of the houses.

Any fighting which involves any of these things above is meant to destroy the society. The governor asked two Kuac to forgive themselves and open new page.

The governor has relieved all executives chiefs in both sides from their duties for they have deceived the government and asked sub-chiefs to take over the role and tasked them with new registration of the guns.

It will be clear later what the governor is going to do with those he described as responsible for the death ( Executive chiefs) which occurred between two rival communities of Ciec.

Speech of the Governor. Hon Makur Kulang

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