Governor Cleto tells leaders to prioritize development

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Governor Cleto tells leaders to prioritize development

Let us put humanity before politics [and] work for the betterment of our country as leaders building peace through service delivery.”

Those were the words of Western Bahr El-Ghazal (WBG) State Governor Sarah Cleto Rial as she advised fellow leaders to embark on service delivery and avoid the sway of party politics ‘which cannot provide rewards’.

Governor Rial was reacting to a lack of cooperation among the top leaders of most states in the country.

She said since the formation of the Revitalized Transitional Government of National of Unity (R-TGoNU), there has been political bickering due to some party differences.

She warned that all those issues would not take the country forward adding the only way for success was through joining hands together for the interest of the citizens.

“I do not know what people are fighting for. I think someone’s success in this time is going to be the success of the all government not for a particular group of persons like governors or deputy governors but the nation,” she emphasized.

Governor Rial added that “it is not time for us as leaders to fight among ourselves because our people suffered so much when two leaders disagreed [and it was] innocent civilians who suffered.”

She said the most important thing was to put their heads together to work as South Sudanese for the benefit of the people and to develop states and deliver service to the people.

According to the governor, political party differences should not inspire a situation where individuals fight leaders who head opposing parties.

She revealed that some leaders had embraced the culture of negative politics based on hatred along political party lines which is dangerous.

“Although people are from different parties, let us put our party [differences] aside when we come as government or a leader leading people we need to work as one’’.

She said it was time for South Sudanese to come together and start building trust among themselves for peaceful ex-existence.


The governor challenged her constituents to focus on building trust among themselves to work in harmony.

“What my administration started at the beginning is going to the people and talking to them to ensure that they are [peaceful although they are all from the same state and country but from different parties.

“We always tell them that there is a need to be respectful to one another young or small; whether you are holding high or low position we are working for the people of this country,” she added.


Via City Review

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