Government of South Sudan should consider people with disabilities:

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By Daniel Deng

Juba government and disabilities:
South Sudan got an independence with a lot of expectations from the Person With Disabilities (PWDs). Hoping that the government will consider the Bill of Rights seriously which defines the basic human rights of all citizens of any country. The Universal Declaration on Human Rights of the United Nations of the 1948, adapted to African in the African Charter on Human and People’s Rights, provided a model. These rights include the rights to life, to equality before the law, the freedom of religion, the freedom of information and expression, the freedom of association, the right to property, work, health, education etc. The aforementioned are disregarded by the government of the day in South Sudan. The right to social welfare and infrastructure that would have given them (PWDs) access to any building. Education of the children with disabilities, economic empowerment of disabled is denied. The world is awared that the majority of Person With Disabilities (PWDs) are a victims of war in south Sudan, what they called war veterans. A veteran without benefits of what he/she fought for 21 years. The veterans of this senseless war (2013) which gave those who quest for a big space, a rightful position in the government are not considered. Disabled people are made a showcase if there is any events of liberation while they are not the beneficial of the liberation. Majority of the people with disabilities are chased away by their wives and their children become criminals for the lack of economic empowerment, education, and employment. Person With Disabilities with certificate is hard to get jobs because discrimination, tribalism, nepotism. Tribalism and nepotism have sparked within the government and the NGOs which has overcome the international law. Person With Disabilities (PWDs) and widows are the drunkard across the country, abused by any person who have space in a leadership. Those who didn’t contributed for the independence of this nation are the one enjoying luxurious living. Widows and disabled as well children with disabilities are suffering because the government has closed her eyes and focuses on these community. The government appreciated the work of thieves who steals the space of liberators and give it out as a gift to non- liberators. Tribalism and nepotism is speaking among the political class that doesnot make them think of person living with disabilities (PWDs), and her welfare. We believed that the destruction of wars was/is outside of political class or families, their relaxed to priorities the welfare is telling more. Political and economic space is closed for the people with disabilities that appeared as a big crime against the rights of people with disabilities in the international arena. The formation of the R-TNLA showed how the president, First Vice president and the Vice presidents have forgotten the space and the rights of person with disabilities (PWDs), in the formation of the ‘August House’ without a single representative from Disabled community. Therefore, I/we demands the government to have a quick look of this discrimination against the Person With Disabilities (PWDs), in the formation of the parliament without representation. I/we demands all the parties to Peace agreement to appoint a representatives to the council of the State. I/we however ask the parties to appoint three commissions as a Person With Disabilities (PWDs), representing greater regions of south Sudan if the government is a government of all.
Your excellency, Person With Disabilities (PWDs) has been thinking that you are there for all south Sudanese but I/we realized that you are working and representing a particular group that made you not to reflect of how South Sudan became a sovereign State. The blood of martyred are are the seed of the nation!

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