Get facts right on killing of Ugandans in South Sudan

By Guest Writer
Those making comments on the killing of some Ugandans travelling to South Sudan are not being entirely fair. The truth is that South Sudan is in conflict. A colleague says a large part of the country is literally in control of so many rebel groups. Each with its own commander, ideologies, etc. For example if Soroti had rebels, one group in Soroti might release you, only for you to meet another group in Mbale completely on their own, and others in other districts. This is the situation on the ground. We should therefore comment from an informed point of view.
So to blame those South Sudanese who have run from their country to seek refuge here is not right. Not right because the ones killing Ugandans are rebels. That said, Uganda government should protect it’s citizens going in or issue travel advisories. People, South Sudan is in a state of war. You go there at your own risk.
Ojoro Valentine
There is a misrepresentation of facts to show that South Sudanese deliberately target Ugandans. There are so many Ugandans earning a living and coexisting peacefully with South Sudanese. The killings are a common phenomenon that happen in all fragile states and none is spared just like what used to happen in road ambushes in Northern Uganda during the Lord’s Resistance Army war. Even South Sudanese themselves are killed in road ambushes and not just Ugandans.
Omoding Loarapai
It’s better to get the right information before making certain comments. The Ugandans were killed in an ambush that took the lives of eight South Sudanese too. Their death has nothing with their nationality but rather the rampant insecurity in South Sudan that’s claiming the lives of people everyday. Do you know that the same day, a town was attacked and 15 South Sudanese mostly women were murdered in cold blood? I do understand the frustration but it’s not a secret that there’s no rule of law in the country hence all citizens, foreigners alike are suffering.
May their souls rest in peace. We continue to pray that South Sudan becomes peaceful so all people can live in peace and harmony while trying to make ends meet for their families.
Martha Naruka Lodihak
With due respect to the bereaved families who lost their loved ones in such an isolated barbaric killings.
It’s again quite undiplomatic for a leader to say that South Sudanese are Killing Ugandans and yet the former are safe in Uganda.
It’s undeniable, that there are indiscriminate killings of South Sudanese/foreigners alike by individuals who are taking advantage of the fragile security situation in the country. But for one to generalise and give such rhetoric is careless.
Here in South Sudan, we have thousands of Ugandans who work or do their businesses with help of South Sudanese. We live in harmony here and we don’t welcome such incitement that may jeopardise relationship between citizens of the two countries !
Ongwen D’elbow
via daily  Monitor


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