Gen. Paul Malong apologizes to President Kiir and then acted fickly to deny it!

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Gen. Paul Malong apologizes to President Kiir and then acted fickly to deny it!


Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit,
President of the Republic of South Sudan,
Chairman of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement(SPLM),

Commander-In-Chief and the Supreme Commander of all the Organized Forces,


Your Excellency,

I am glad to write to you today on brotherly terms. It has been long since I left Juba on your permission for treatment in Nairobi, Kenya in November 2017.

While in Kenya, I have been excommunicated by several of your aides despite several of my attempts to communicate with you; I also sent you my Kenya phone number so that we can continue communicating but nothing materialized on that. Following our meeting in Nairobi, I didn’t find a solution either.

These together with others contributing factors to my frustration have made me form the Opposition Movement. I was at a point of deep enragement and this was worsen by engagement with other disappointed politicians who then mounted extreme political pressures and placed them on my shoulders as their leader. We formed the Movement on hope of going to be accepted to the negotiations table. This you made so hard for us.

As a brother, we have come a long way. We are a family and you can tell stories from our beginning until today. You have been my elder brother and on that you played a crucial role in my life and I did my part as your young brother. Our families are united in many ways and our togetherness has been greater than our recent disagreement. I know I have disappointed you on several counts including when I refused to apologize in a meeting organized after I returned from Yirol.

While my apology on this paper will not be significant and impactful, I can still tender it in here as I promise to do the same on a face-to-face basis and publicly when I shall be back to the country and we will call our elders to do the rituals as we return to our old brotherly ways.

Your Excellency, I heartily apologize to you as a brother who is also my leader since the SPLM/A days for all the hurtful words, actions and disrespect of any form that were directed at you as a person and your leadership either by me or my aides, friends and family and I accept that all were my making and please forgive me for being irresponsible and offer me another chance to prove myself as your worthy brother and a friend.

By expressing this, I am calling upon you for my return to the country. I have realized that I was wrong in all the matters that led to conflict between you and I, and I am ready to renounce South Sudan United Front/Army (SSUF/A) and move back to the country as a brother without preconditions.

When I look back at how far we have come, I can tell that we have done great things together and I cannot allow anger to take me away completely from the path of our great brotherhood.

I will apologize to the families and relatives of those who died while fighting on my side whether with words or arms and I will be ready to convince them to accept that with any disagreement, as always, there are collateral damages to be incurred.

I need to return to the country immediately when you receive this letter of mine together with many of my followers and I can assure you that all the people that are with me here and their thereabouts will conform to my request and we will go as citizens that are ready to work with their leader. We can abide by the terms of amnesty that you will provide.

Kindly accept my humble and brotherly request that I am sending to you.

Whilst thanking you in anticipation of your kind understanding, please accept, your Excellency, Mr. President, the assurances of my highest consideration.

Gen. Paul Malong Awan Anei
Chairman and Commander-in-Chief, SSUF/A

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