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Gen. Buay tells oil workers to vacate Unity, Tharjiath oilfields

JUBA – South Sudan opposition leader and chairperson of the holdout South Sudan People’s Movement/Army (SSPM/SSPA) Gen. Stephen Buay Rolnyang has cautioned oil workers in Unity State’s Tharjiath and Unity oilfields to vacate the areas as he warns that government will not protect them.

This comes after an overnight attack on Mayom County headquarters led by one of the SSPA officers in Unity State resulting in the killing of Mayom County Commissioner James Chuol Gatluak, the elder brother to presidential advisor on security affairs Tut Gatluak Manimeh.

“The SSPM/SSPA is hereby cautioning the international oil workers in Western Upper Nile and Upper Nile regions to be evacuated immediately within one week time to avoid being caught in crossfire because the regime could not guarantee their safety,” Buay said in the statement extended to Sudans Post.

“The SSPM/SSPA is committed to liberate the people of South Sudan from the dictatorship’s policy of divide -and -rule along tribal lines setting tribes against tribes, institutionalized corruption and creating more territorial militias impeding formation of the national and professional army in the country for them to remain in power for the rest of their life,” he added.

The former South Sudan army commander further said that the people of South Sudan have been divided along tribal lines by the regime in Juba and cannot do any initiative to save their country from collapse and that the SSPM/A has chosen violence because it has exhausted all peaceful avenues.


“Our People have been tribalized by the regime. They are unable to work together to achieve justice and freedom to confide in each other or even to do much of anything at their imitative,” Gen. Buay said in the statement.

“It is an optional for the SSPM/SSPA to choose violent means because all forms of peaceful and non-violent means have failed, and we are left only with an armed resistance to liberate our people by unseating this despotic regime in the shortest time possible and install a democratic system of governance in the Republic of South Sudan to allow our citizens to choose their leaders in a free and fair elections and decide on our laws,” he added.

He urged “all the SSPDF officers and local armed youths to join the revolutionary army to rescue our country from disintegrating into tribal factions.”

VIA Sudans Post.


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