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Garang John says body health ‘totally compromised’ after release from NSS jail

JUBA, MARCH 18, 2023 (thejubamirror News ) South Sudan journalist Garang John has said that his body health has been compromised after being held in a National Security Service (NSS) detention facility for at least two months.

Garang was released alongside Jacob Benjamin from the NSS detention on Thursday. They were working for the state-own South Sudan Broadcasting Corporation (SSBC) when they were arrested in January over a viral video in which President Salva Kiir could be seen wetting on himself in public.

In a statement on his social media Facebook page on Saturday morning, Garang said his health has been compromised and added that he can’t feel his brain and that medical professionals are yet to figure out what is wrong with his mind.

“I am out of jail after 60 days of confinement. My health is totally compromised. I can’t feel my brain. Doctors are yet to figure out what’s wrong with my lungs. I am completely weak and tired but it shall be well,” he said.

“Kindly understand that ain’t in a position to respond to your messages or pick calls at the moment but thanks to the union of journalists and everyone who have showed me love in this ungrateful society,” he added.

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