Full Text:   President Kiir’s Christmas Message.


Full Text:   President Kiir’s Christmas Message.


South Sudan, Juba


December 25, 2021—South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir Mayardit has issued his annual Christmas Message urging South Sudanese to embrace each other as country goes through transition to peace. Find below President Kiir’s Christmas message.


Fellow citizens,

My family and I wish you a very merry Christmas. During this joyous occasion, our compatriots, who practice Christian faith, celebrate the birth of our lord Jesus Christ. It is also the time when they renew and recommit themselves to our lord’s teaching on peace, love and forgiveness within their communities, and more importantly towards their neighbors. In accordance with the lord’s teaching for this season, I am calling upon you to preach peace with vigour, give unconditional love to others, and show willingness to forgive those who ill-treated you in the past.

Fellow citizens,

As a people emerging from the conflict situation, we all need to support peace by shunning violence in all its forms and by choosing peaceful means to address our grievances whenever they arise. We ought to demonstrate care towards those who serve in our communities, especially in remote locations, whether they are government administrators or humanitarian workers.

The uncalled-for violence against humanitarian workers must ceased immediately. Those who are committing these crimes will not hide from the long arms of our law indefinitely. They will be caught no matter how long this will take and they will pay for their crimes. As we struggle to find our footings after the senseless war, we cannot afford to tolerate this contemptible culture that promotes the killing of the innocents.

Fellow citizens,

Let me recognize all the public servants, both in civil and organized forces who despite immense challenges they are facing have continued to work diligently to serve you, our citizens. As I mentioned in my last year’s message, the people whom you served with dedication will always remember you for your service.

Finally, I encourage you to enjoy the festivities while mindful of the guidelines issued by our COVID-19 Taskforce. May your hearts be filled with hope, peace and joy during this joyful season. Once again, I send you my best wishes for the merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year.

Salva Kiir Mayardit


Republic of South Sudan

Juba, South Sudan.



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I am sending you this Christmas Message to share in happiness and blessings that the birth of Christ brings to us. 

In this Christmas Season, the patriotic resuscitation of South Sudan must start with forgiveness