Fuel scarcity: Govt warns black market fuel dealers

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Fuel scarcity: Govt warns black market fuel dealers

The government has warned some individuals against taking fuel to black market after reports of scarcity in the capital.

Juba has continued to witness a hike in basic commodity prices including fuel following truck drivers’ refusal to enter South Sudan in about 2 weeks from Elegu border.

On Friday, Kenyan and Ugandan cargo truck drivers say they do not have faith in the security assurances provided by South Sudan security forces.

The strike began late last month after the killing of two Kenyan cargo drivers.

The impact of over ten day-strike is being felt in South Sudan as prices of commodities spike.

A liter of petrol initially sold at 300SSP, it is now sold at 800SSP. The prices of other goods are also steadily skyrocketing.

Information Minister, Michael Makuei now advises individuals working in fuel stations not to take advantage of the current crises through black marketing.

“These fuel stations have not shut down but they have run shortage of supply. Those who were expecting to receive new supply have not received any. So, they have to shut down and wait. And the few, which are there, are selling,” said Makuei.

“Anybody found to be selling in the black market will be answerable and will show us his source of black market. So they are advised never to attempt to encourage black market.”

Makuei added that discussions are underway to ensure that commercial truck drivers resume transporting goods to South Sudan.

Via Eyeradio

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