Founding member Calls for Calm and Soberness Within SSUF/A, after his suspension

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To the entire South Sudan United Front/Army fraternity worldwide and the South Sudanese in general, I am begging your indulgence to remain calm on all the happenings in SSUF/A.

Emotions must not carry us away because our objectives were different from internal haggles. We must always remember that we pledged to fight for the cause of South Sudanese people, especially the downtrodden masses and the disadvantaged.These are important than anything else and therefore must we stick to them.

We also must keep in mind that, while playing at the biggest stages of complex tournaments, it becomes inevitable for players both good and bad to be injured but that does not make them not to be part of the team.

We are part and parcel of each other and so must we stick together. Many people have been angered by all decisions and statements made in my name, note that taming that anger is important, it is in actual sense a virtue and not the opposite and so must we do that.

Bitterness doesn’t right the wrong. Calmness is an ingredient of value that soothes the harmed soul and brings to the fore the lost glory. Remember, we are in this, very much in this for your information and so must we not let anger rob us of our sixty seconds of happiness.

Let us celebrate with our newly appointed colleagues. We have to cheer them up because they will work for us.

To those that are mourning my integrity being put to bad light, you should not be very much worried because nobody can make anybody inferior without his/her consent and so must we not defend this integrity with bitterness. Take it home that people of integrity do not defend integrity with bitterness and many words but with soberness and diligence. Take it seriously that abuses can also be washed off when we shower and indeed we will do that with clean water. Finally, ego must never precedes our thoughts and as once quipped by a great Surgeon: Mr. Mehmet Oz and I quote that: “As a surgeon you have to have a controlled arrogance. If it’s uncontrolled, you kill people, but you have to be pretty arrogant to saw through a person’s chest, take out their heart and believe you can fix it. Then, when you succeed and the patient survives, you pray, because it’s only by the grace of God that you get there”.

Anyway, we will still laugh but only at last! Dr. Sunday de John(MBChB, MBA-The University of Nairobi). Founding Member, SSUF/A. Member, NEC-SSUF/A. NB:This is not the response I said but a call for calm. I will respond soon

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