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Eulogy For or late Ajingdit Deng Cyerdit

Eulogy For late Ajingdit Deng Cyerdit


Ajingdit, Beny Wei!

By Deng Mayik Atem

Ajingdit Deng Cyerdit Thiapduok, May God rest his soul in peace. The nation of South Sudan and the people of Twic Mayardit will profoundly miss his humility and dignified presence among us. We wish strength and comfort to his family during this difficult time.

For many in the Mayardit community, we have never known a world without Ajingdit. He has been a source of inspiration and guidance for the Dinka spirit. In every society there are a few holy people, representatives of that which is best of humankind; Ajingdit was one those special souls, a peaceful religious leader who had nothing but love for his people. We, the people of Twic Mayardit, were blessed to have him.

When there was contention, such as the recent issue regarding the relocation of the state capital from Turalei to Mayen Abun, it was men likes Ajingdit and Uncle Bona Malwal who staved off chaos until the crisis could be resolved. Ajingdit’s role in keeping peace among our people made him an extraordinary elder and spiritual leader. He will be revered.

Although I personally converted to Christianity in 1989 when I was in the refugee camps of in Ethiopia, I still believe in my gods and my totem. When Dinka man prays or calls upon Gods, he says, ” Nhialic and Ku yin Jok waa, so mighty God and my ancestor’s spirit.” Both the Christian and our traditional gods have a role to play in our lives as Dinka.

With the current pandemic on the rise, I propose that we mourn our late Papa Ajingdit in our hearts and our homes with a minimal number of people gathering together. We must be cautious of COVID, especially with the lack of health infrastructure in the country and our region in particular. Ajingdit would be happy to see us taking the precautions necessary to protect ourselves.

We should certainly have a traditional period of mourning and for celebrating his life. He was a great leader. Unfortunately, we are in a challenging time; we shouldn’t be holding public gatherings, and we should not spend public money on local “Olympic” games when our people are suffering from health issues and flooding. Ajingdit would want us to take care of one another. That would be his priority. If we must hold those, let us wait until the time is more auspicious and other needs are not so great.

~Deng Mayik Atem
Phoenix, AZ/USA
December 22, 2021


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