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The Office of Professional Teachers Union-Lakes State has accused authorities at the Ministry of Education of being accomplices in exam cheating and irregularities during the recent Primary Eight Leaving Examinations.

“The office of Professional Teachers Union-Lakes State sends a warmly greeting to the esteemed office of Minister. We appreciated your office for implementing examination calendar after pandemic; we also observed the measures of safety of learners from Covid-19 made by your office. Therefore, the office of professional teachers union in lakes state has totally condemned the leaking out of national exam at national ministry of education,” the group alleged in a statement.

The group called for an independent oversight body to investigate the allegations of exam fraud and hold those involved accountable for their actions.

“Our aim is to promote quality education and the right of teachers, where can quality education be attained when exams are being leaked out? We better celebrate the good performance of one student with self- confident than millions of students who passed exam because of leaked exams.”

“Furthermore PTU requires investigation of examination department in the national ministry of general education and instruction by a competent impartial judge.”

“Quality education mean bringing positive change to learners and given prosperous existence, we should values education and study sincerely to help students grow mentally into a future being from darkness of illiteracy to light of self-confident, self-reliant and better future.”

“We need change in the office of national examination in matter of facts to stop leaking out of national exams, Your nice consideration and understanding will be highly appreciated.”


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