Dr. Sunday tells Malong to tell his son to fight a good war and not falsehood and propaganda

Dr. Sunday tells Malong to tell his son to fight a good war and not falsehood and propaganda

Dear Gen. Paul Malong, kindly tell your son Garang to abstain from creating lies in my name. I am not a coward, if I want to write about you or anyone else, then I cannot hide or use a fake account. I am not a coward, you know this. There is nobody I cannot face head-on. I published all SSUF/A materials here and without fear. I don’t live in illusion, I don’t guess as well, I express my thoughts and views effortlessly.

I have never established any fake page since Social media emerged. When I was in charge of SSUF/A Information sector, I objected to libel and all uncalled for propaganda. You are aware of this. There is no war anyone can win through libel. There is no war anyone can win by guess work and especially by fighting everyone along the way.

I don’t subscribe to anyone in South Sudan, I am a man of my own with balls big enough to challenge and deadwood.

Gen. Paul when you and Makuach and your gossiping company branded me as an associate of Akol Koor, what happened after that? They all defected to Akol Koor and here I am on my feet and you know very well that everything was made up and the makers were the turncoats. You know very well how you were fooled by Makuach who sent the documents from your table to Deng Deng Thon and back to you. You are an elder, endowed with wisdom, why allow liars always to carry you away?
Now the Movement is left with you and your son, what are you achieving? Do you have any progress with him? What I know is, your son seeks for relevancy from you and he is for that reason keeping your hope alive with falsehood that so and so are your enemies and so and so are writing on your name. If Garang gossips about his siblings to you, why is it not conspicuous to you that you don’t have a son in him but a human being just for that reason.

Why am I being continuously provoked through accounts I knew were created when I was there but that I denied a right of libeling in the name of SSUF/A? Do you want me to fight with you over what?

Gen. Paul Malong, your contribution in the liberation struggle leading to the independence of South Sudan is immeasurable, however, by allowing your brainless son and the group of gossipers around you to always create fake news in your name is damaging your towering reputation.

Gen. Paul, the little time we spent, you knew more than anyone else who I am. I don’t hide what I don’t like. I have nothing to do with your family. Your family is yours and I am not part of it. I was only part of SSUF/A under you before we felt out and I am now leading my own faction. All our efforts are geared towards fighting the corrupt government of South Sudan. We are no rivals. I know, when I left you there is a void and the void won’t be filled because I left with my brain. There is no way you can always remember me for bad reasons when I in essence fought a good war for you.

This madness in your camp that associates anybody with Akol Koor is but a manifestation of cowardice of the highest order. Your fear of Akol must not turn everyone into your enemy.

Note too that I have no any relationship with Akol Koor and with you. I am striving as an independent entity and thus, fight your war with Akol without me.

If I really want to talk about you or anybody else, I will always be out here. I am not fake and the so-called Sixty 4 tribes has no link with me. Here is my platform on the social media and the moribund character that you have manifested is the reason why you don’t even know what you are up to. If you want to fight with me, then it must be made clear.

Kindly focus on the government of South Sudan or something better than names calling. Not once have you and people in your camp visited magicians in my name but it didn’t work just like their prophesies to you and your son about ascension to power. Know your enemies, it is important. I am not one for your information.

You know very well, anything that we shared as members of the team, whether professional or private remain classified. I have not shared any of our secrets with anyone and I don’t work for anyone and it will remain like that, kindly count on me.

If you have other ears to hear on what I say about you up to now, you will be amazed and grateful and like you know me, I don’t go telling people the good I have said or done about others. Even on major fightings that I staged on your behalf, including declaring President Salva as symbol of poverty and hatred, I didn’t come back to you begging for courtesies or telling you that I have done this or that. When we were together and after I left, you know the difference.

I have left with my brain to concentrate on doing what I think is good for my future and that of a nation as a contributor. There is nothing I took away and I have not gone to our enemies, I am firm, in fact firmer than you because you sometimes talk to the leadership of South Sudan begging for mercies and other courtesies.

If you allow your son to continue bringing your name to disrepute then I will accept this fight and it is you that will be harmed.

Your son is not an intellectual, he is a chief gossiper with consummate ability to tell lies and is but just hellbent on things that are not important.

Tell him to lessen his propaganda especially on me. I don’t have any association with the said page or Akol Koor and if I am being dared for a war or words, then let me know.

I don’t fight sycophantic wars, I fight as a man for what is just. The fear of Akol Koor you have and that has overclouded all your thoughts is not everybody’s business.
I don’t fight personalities, that is not the meaning of liberation struggle. Let us raise our standards by not reasoning illogically. We have brains so they must be put to use. Big mouths and little thinking capacity is your greatest reason for a downfall.

May God bless you Gen. Paul Malong, you are an elder deserving of my respect but your son is dragging you too low. Tell him to desist from festering the media with lies. Let him help you develop strong strategies so that you can win.

Until then, yours truly, Mr. Teetotaler.


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