Dr. Sunday de John urges Philanthropist Achai Wiir to rescue South Sudan from its due Arrears at the UN

January 20th, 2021
Achai Wiir,
Achai Wiir Foundation,
Juba, South Sudan.


Dear Nyawiir,

Affable greetings to you in your whereabouts,

It has come to my attention that our beloved Country, the Republic of South Sudan, the 93rd Member State of the United Nations that was admitted on July 14, 2011, has fallen short of its obligations and is in arrears totaling $ 22,804 accrued over the last two years and due for payment promptly.

It is upon this that I am writing to your esteemed foundation to rescue the country from this noble obligation that it could have not failed to undertake and that it cannot deal with for the last two years; perhaps due to unforeseen circumstances.

I am writing to you as one of the citizens of South Sudan who can avidly recall all the documented toils of South Sudanese of all walks of life from different generations and that had paid ultimate sacrifices; including sacrificing lives of over 2.5 million of our beloved able men and women that perished during war of the liberation struggle. 

The attainment of the Independence of South Sudan was the principal reason for choosing to undertake the protracted war of liberation through tortuous and winding paths while sacrificing uncountable number of precious living souls including that of our leader Dr. John Garang de Mabior. This must not be let go due to ignorance and greed for material wealth emanating from the elites. Thus, it must be protected at all costs by all South Sudanese regardless of tribe, religion, political affiliation, socio-economic class and gender or otherwise. 

Achieving our independence was indeed expensive as it required human capital among many other valuables and because of this, we must not forfeit it. Losing our membership and on top of this, our right to vote at the United Nations General Assembly is not only embarrassing, it renders South Sudan vulnerable as an equal member that does not abide by international treaties and that forfeits its rights such as this vital membership out of ignorance or lack of concern.

Note that our country is under unrelenting threat from our former oppressors who are still looking for opportunities for our annexation. This is not a lie because we have witnessed this from their encroachment on our territories, desire to guide our oil fields, refusal to acknowledge that Abyei is part of South Sudan and then razed it to ashes and later put it under unremitting attacks that have resulted to the mass murder of vulnerable children, women and elderly and also of the champion in the person of Sultan Kuol Deng Kuol (Kuol Adol).

Kindly, put off some of your obligations and rescue the country by paying off these arrears. I do not depict you as wealthier than the country or the corrupt government officials, businessmen/women, and some cartels that usually run off with our oil money, I rather supposed that you love taking risks for the good of others and therefore, the risk of rescuing the country would be worthy of your consideration. I could have done this but I lack the necessary resources at the mean time and my piece of land in my village is not marketable like the grabbed lands around Juba and of late I do not have any cattle because the lawless cattle rustlers have taken them recently.

By all means, we need to maintain our membership in the United Nations with all rights therein.

If you are not in a position to help the nation due to fear of repercussion or any other reason, kindly do let me know so that we can jointly contact Journalist, Ajak Deng Chiengkou of SBS Dinka Radio to put this request up in the social media for quick fundraising by the patriotic South Sudanese all over the world because it is a National call that must be executed timely.

Our country must not be a laughing stock in all matters and we cannot afford to forfeit this vital membership.

Yours Sincerely,

Dr. Emmanuel Sunday de John
South Sudan Citizen.


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