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Dr. Sunday de John, M.D. condemns Peter Lam Buoth. hate speech,

I am writing to express my profound worry and strong condemnation for the recent hate statement delivered by the SPLM’s Secretary General, Mr. Peter Lam. His comments, which ridiculed both Dr. Riek and the Nuer community, were not only offensive and disrespectful, but they also had the potential to incite hate, sow discord, and spread disharmony within our country, which is already besieged by unrelenting conflict.

It is profoundly nerve-wracking that Mr. Lam purposefully uttered those comments to please President Salva Kiir and used divisive and harmful language to curry favor with those in power. His comments were not only narrow-minded but also showed a disregard for the Nuer people and their contributions to our nation. Aside from derogatory comments, Mr. Lam has a slew of political tools at his disposal to demolish Dr. Riek as a competitor if he so desires. When battling an opponent, why choose lies over programs?

It is your duty, as leaders, to encourage harmony and reconciliation among all groups, regardless of ethnicity or party affiliation. Hate speech and divisive rhetoric only exacerbate our societies’ divisions and undermine our joint efforts to create a peaceful and flourishing future for all South Sudanese.

Such conduct is unacceptable from any leader, particularly one in such an important position as the Secretary General of the SPLM. As leaders, it is your responsibility to maintain the highest standards of ethics and to set a good example for others to follow.

It is critical that we acknowledge the Nuer people as an integral component of our national fabric, deserving of the same honor and regard as all other communities. The SG made derogatory comments against Nuer that may cause them to dislike the SPLM, thereby strengthening SPLM opponents. Lam is Nuer, and denigrating Nuer indicates that he does not want to draw them to the SPLM.

As a result, Lam should be informed that any effort to undermine or marginalize Nuer with their huge contribution is not only ethically repugnant but also endangers our country’s security and togetherness. The Nuer, like the rest of South Sudanese, are educated and intelligent people whose political choices should not be questioned.

I urge the SPLM leadership to take swift and decisive action to handle this problem and ensure that such hateful and divisive conduct is not tolerated within their party or in our communities. Only by encouraging harmony, tolerance, and mutual respect can we create a better future for ourselves and future generations. Dr . Sunday de  John  is the Chairman of South Sudan Front Progressive who is also vocal on the issues of National unity of  South Sudan despite being in oppositions  

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