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Looking it from the perspectives of agreements signed in the pasts, this took us back to 1997 Khartoum peace agreement that Dr.Machar signed with President Bashir.

Immediately after Dr.Machar moved to Khartoum in hope to implemented the agreement, President Bashir grabbed an opportunity, moved quickly to dishonored and trashed the agreement with impunity, allowing supposedly four years interim period to elapsed with no single clause being implemented.

Feeling threatened and vulnerable that things are falling a part, that things are getting troublesome for him, Dr.Machar calculated his way out and sneaked out of Khartoum airport and ended up in Nairobi in 2001. He initially duped his supporters and officials in Khartoum that he was traveling to Germany on an official invitation, however in fact his actual destination was Nairobi.
Finding himself at the losing end of the game, he eventually sought to rejoining with Dr.Garang in 2002, leading him to abandoned his supporters including both civilian and military officials in Khartoum and other parts of Southern Sudan.

Luckily enough, majority of these officials and military personnel who have left behind had to be organized into what to be a 50,000 strong armed forces under General Paulino Matip Nhial, and eventually integrated with the SPLA during Juba declaration in 2006 signed by President Kiir and General Paulino Matip. The fate of these military personnels and the officials could have been at much major risk had it not been initiative taken by Gen. Paulino Matip.

Now history is repeating itself.
This is what has happened in this agreement in Juba that President Kiir is using the same tactics and strategies used by President Bashir in 1997, to destroyed, dishonored and trashing the 2018 agreement as two years passed by without any single major protocol to the agreement implemented.

Instead of allowing implementation of 1997 Khartoum peace agreement while staying put in his controlled territory in Southern Sudan, Dr.Machar rushed to move his headquarters to Khartoum and then he eventually find himself in disappointed situations.
It’s the same scenario repeating itself in 2020 when he moved his entire headquarters to Juba, in hope to pleased Salva Kiir and the world that he was all for peace.

Unfortunately, now President Salva Kiir is copying from President Bashir playbook of 1997 Khartoum peace agreement and has now thrown this agreement into Dustbin.

Little did he know he technically set himself up for submission!

This is reminiscent of a failed 1997 Khartoum peace agreement all over again which took four years of zero implementation. No single provision implemented and ended up in perpetual failure.

By: Upper Nile Observer!

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