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By. Ajok Ngong Ayuen

It’s not bad to be proud of what your parents have. You have right to be proud of their achievement, because they studied and work very hard for the future of their children (you). But can you create bright future for your children like what your parents did?

Not all children are trusted but Can your parents trust and be their manager?

Be careful when you are from well-off family because where there is money is where the rate of temptation is high. Money is good when it’s well used but dangerous when it’s are too young and still have enough time to enjoy life. Enjoying life will never end,it was there before your were  born and it will still be there.

Avoid some friends,stop bragging about your parents . Moving in groups and going to every club wouldn’t help at all. It’s wish of all the parents  to support  their son/daughter’s dreams and vision but some of them don’t have dreams. They are there in the house just to waste but not to contribute anything to the family. Don’t be a toxic children,a toxic children is like the dead one to his/her parents.

Over depending on parents has become a big issue in South Sudan. Whoever eat deserve to work. If you depend too much on your parents then you are promoting laziness to yourself….. Every day will be labour day to you.

Pride is a biggest danger , most of people who are from well-off families are not humble, they don’t associate themselves with poor ones around them that it’s not their class. Such people didn’t make it to be in luxurious life not because your parents are the best but because  their time has not yet come. Respect everyone regardless of what he/she is having

Being too proud , branding your name that am daughter/son of so and so wouldn’t help. Learn how to make decisions,and management too. A person who doesn’t  know how to manage things even though you give him the whole of Juba still he/she will fail.

Actually some of people are doing great but some of them are becoming problem not only to their families but also to the country.

It’s not too late to create your way of life, focus on your future, be humble, associate yourself with others and God will bless you.. remember God help those who help themselves.


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