Don’t accept gifts from strangers.

Don’t accept gifts from strangers.


By Gum Makur Gum

5th January 2022 — Gifts occupy a crucial place in our social life, it’s build our relationships with other people’s. Gifts are given for anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, New Year, and for some reasons. Gift giving has been a long tradition that dates back thousands of years as far back as man can remember.

It is not everything that can be expressed with words so gifting is one of the best way which makes it easy for every individual to make the other person feel special and to make them aware about their feelings too! Nowadays gifts are the very important part of our life and they plays a valuable role in every relationship.

The recipient of the gifts is expected to be vigilant because some gifts are meant to destroy you. Don’t trust any enormous gifts from strangers. You have no clue what might be in it.

The Torjan horse story teaches us to always be alert and never believe anyone easily because you never know how that person or thing is. Trojan Horse is one of the earliest recorded evidences of using betrayal to win over a war. As it turned out, the Greek soldiers were hidden inside the Trojan Horse, which led to the fall of Troy.

The Trojan Horse is an impeccable example of how the world functions. Most of the gifts that you receive, especially from your enemy, aren’t gifts at all, but rather, a way to lead you down the wrong path.A Trojan Horse can easily be compared to false flattery, fake friends etc. Things that one should, at all costs, stay away from.

The idea of using the Trojan horse occurred to the Greeks only after 10 years of war, by then the Greeks had lost too many of their men. This was the age of chivalry when great men fought with equals by challenging them.

The Trojan horse was the last resort. It was a suicidal mission that succeeded. The lesson is to defeat the enemy quickly or make peace and bring the conflict to an end. But do not carry on the war. If both cant be done, then only a very risky strategy will work and it may end in failure.

Before total disaster happens, save whatever you can. In the case of the Greeks, they won the war and massacred all the Trojans.

The horse was very important to the Trojans, they worshiped it. It was almost impossible to penetrate the Trojan city, the war became too long and the soldiers were tired. That’s why Ulysses, the smartest of the Greeks, gave the idea to built a wooden horse, to put some Greek soldiers inside, to leave it infront of the gates of the city and then to pretend to leave with the rest of the soldiers. His plan succeded

The whole issue of lroy started with the kidnapping of a married woman by Prince Paris. Because of his self-centered idiocy, he caused the war and the death of tens of thousands of men and women and destruction of Troy. It was the greatest war in history that time, involving at least 100,000 men in each army as well as 1,184 Greek ships.

For the common soldier, they suffered and died badly, because of stupid and dirty politics. For the common citizens, they were raped, tortured and killed. Throughout history, this scenes were repeated uncountable times everywhere in the world.

, since the Trojans though that the war was over and that the horse was a gift for them as winners. The Trojans opened their gates and let the horse in. Then they partyed all night. when everyone in the city were asleep and drunk, the Greek soldiers came out of the wooden horse and killed everyone . Thus the Greeks won n the war.

The author is a Teaching Assistant at Rumbek University of Science and Technology. He can be reach at The views expressed are solely mine and do not necessarily represent official views of Rumbek University of Science and Technology.


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