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By Southsudanliberty

Juba, 19 April 2021; On April 10 the People of South Sudan and the international community were taken by surprise when South Sudan’s president, Salva Kiir, with flagrant disregard for the many crimes committed by the National Security Service (NSS) Director-General Akol Koor, instead of sacking and arresting General Akol, in an unexpected move, President Kiir further rewarded him by elevating, Gen Akol, Koor Kuc, to the ranks of Lt General maintaining him as the head of the blood tainted secret agent of NSS.
President Kiir, additionally in an unexpected move, fired his chief of the defense force, 1st Lt General Johnson Juma Okot commonly known JJ Okot, who had been at the top military job barely ten months. Gen Okot is seen by many as someone who has the ambition to reform and transform the SSPDF into a modern professional army from militias mentality, he spoke about it immediately after he was bestowed the job in 2020 by the president, this, however, now according to the sources in the army, was not well received by Jieng Council of elders and section of generals who hail from President Kiir’s ethnic Dinka tribe.

The promotion of Gen Akol Koor is yet another injury to the unhealed wound of the many victims of the NSS’s horrific and well-documented crimes committed by non-other than Gen Akol Koor including the gruesome killing of two activists Samuel Dong and Aggrey Esbon Idris.

In December 2020 report, Human Rights Watch documented, the NSS has become the main tool for South Sudan’s leadership to carry out arbitrary arrests, abusive detentions, torture, extrajudicial killings, enforced disappearances, and illegal surveillance. It has regularly targeted journalists, activists, opposition figures, and critics. All of this has occurred with little to no accountability or justice for victims.

Now, reliable sources with full knowledge about the sudden reshuffle told this publication some of the reasons President Kiir has moved faster to fire General Johnson and filled all the strategic security posts with close relatives and generals from his Gorgrial home state, has to do with the President poor and declining state of health and he is scheduled to see bunches of Doctors in South Africa. An earlier trip planned since last year, for Germany however couldn’t materialize, due to the coronavirus and visas were denied for some accompanying him.

The sources further reported President is scheduled to be more than two weeks out of the country, leaving Nhial Deng Nhial as a responsible minister in the office of the President is seen as a soft opportunity for Nhial Deng Nhial to declares himself a new President of the Republic with the backing of Gen Kuol Manyong who recently and openly endorsed and blessed Mr. Nhial Deng Nhial for the Presidency citing the failure of the ruling Sudan’s People Liberation Army/ Movement.

The sources revealed to SSLN that for the President to be on the safe side he was advised by defectors rulers of South Sudan, the JCE to fire, Nhial Deng Nhial, Gen Johnson OKot who has no much authority over SSPDF which is predominately Dinka army who can listen much to Kuol Manyang than General Okot should there be coupe in the absence of President Kiir.

In addition, Kiir and JCE suspects, General Okot had hands in the recent attacks on cattle camps in EES which led to the loss of more than half a million heads of cattle and significant loss of lives. According to the sources the JCE suspected that General Okot has been arming youth in EES to flash out Dinka cattle from EES this is seen by JCE as an attack on their grip on the lands of EES.

In a clear disregard to the international rule of laws, Kiir promoted, Gen Santino Deng Wol a man sanctioned by the UN for his role in May 2015 human right buses and loss of lives in Unity State during which government forces with their militia allies have killed unspecified numbers of women, children, and older people, and looted civilian properties, he is now appointed as the new army chief of staff and this is to solidify both Gen Akol and Santino’s loyalties as President Kiir wants the two men to see him as guarantor of their security, and their assets in foreign lands and banks, with this the two men are expected to be loyal and they are expected to deal with heavy hands with whoever will dream of the possibilities of regime change by a coupe.

Kiir is scheduled to be in South Africa for 14 days, for consultation with South African Doctors for the possibility of a liver transplant, his top job is protected by promoting his home generals to the top jobs of the country’s security.

In the eventuality President Kiir dies in South Africa, now the top security jobs are in the hands of the Gorgrial boys by which the JCE expect the country to remain in their grips.

The powerful top generals in the country are solidly are now tribalists Dinkas from Kiir’s home state and they are Kiir’s dedicated and loyal boys. These are General Santino Deng Wol, Chief of Defense force, South Sudan People’s Defense Force (SSPDF), Gen Akol Koor Kuc, Director General National Security Services (NSS) Dinka, Gen Majak Akec, Inspector General South Sudan police force, Gen Ayii Akol, Director General for Border, Custom and immigration, Gen Lual Wek Guem. commander of Tiger Battalion (Presidential unity guard).

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