Dear President Kiir

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Dear President Kiir,

I am just a normal citizen of Lakes State who chose to write my feeling to you on this platform although it may not actually reach out to you but some of your government appointees will get it.

Mr. President, I think you are aware of the hopes Citizens of South Sudan were in when you midwifed the young nation. As one of the citizens, my high hopes were to have a peaceful state where education will rock high to be at feet with Arabs, embarking on agriculture to have a food secured country, building roads, hospitals and clean water to our growing population but all were chalked off when power greediness and corruption crippled your government.

I am writing this letter with heavy heart following the revenge and counter revenge killings between Yirol West and Rumbek East for many years. The statistics of youth killed from both sides is huge but had not been adequately addressed by the relevant authorities that you appoint at different capacities, either in the army or executive body.

As a concerned Laker, I have been following the latest developments in Warrap State but was left with many questions to be answered as under; what were the terms of references you agreed with Gov. Aleu to govern Warrap? In case there are those references, are they limited to Warrap State only? Is Gov. Aleu the only appointee the President got in government to champion peace in Warrap State ?? What does Gov. Aleu have that my Gov. doesn’t have to have a peaceful Lakes?? Is President Kiir aware that Lakes State is the only unsecured state in Barh el Gazal ???

Lastly, I am appealing to you Mr. President and your government to put Lakes State back to tranquility. Let it take whatever measures needed.

Cde. Maker Anhiem Alit.

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