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Dear people of South Sudan, particularly my beloved people of central and eastern Equatoria

, I was really shocked by the video clip that went viral on social media, where some armed youth from Kajo-Keji county took to the forest shooting indiscriminately at the cattle believed to belong to Bor community herders who have moved to central and eastern Equatoria since 1991 to date due to rampant instability in the greater Jonglei. The image of those cattle or cows being shot at in the middle of the forest is really disturbing and shows the level of irreparable hatred and destruction of social fabric among our people. I know that our intellectual elites are behind all these tribal antipathies, but my advice to the politicians and elders of greater Equatoria is that, please talk to the youth of greater Equatoria to refrain from such barbaric act. People of South Sudan are free to live and settle anywhere of one’s choice within the territory of the Republic of South Sudan regardless of ethnicity providing that they must abide by the local norms and values and if anyone commits any crime, he/she must be taken to court to answer their charges.
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Killing innocent animals which have nothing to do with tribalism is a crime and not a solution to all the problems facing us in the Republic of South Sudan because it is not their choice to find themselves in Equatoria, they were driven to Equatoria by the herders for greener pastures and safety. The youth of Kajo-Keji have right to confiscate or take those cattle and put them under their custody until the herders show up to take them to court or attack them head-on instead of killing the innocent animals. People of South Sudan are one-people only that South Sudan was divided by Nimeiri into three regions of Bhar El Ghazal, Equatoria and Upper Nile in 1983 with an intention to divide and rule the people of South Sudan. It was not the making of the people of South Sudan to be divided into such regions. It was the work of the enemy of the people of South Sudan and as a result there is now hatred everywhere among the people of South Sudan. Now that we have become an independent nation, we have the right and all it takes to reverse what our enemy did without our consent. The Republic of South Sudan needs to be divided administratively into a number of states depend on the demand and choice of the people of South Sudan and not regionalism anymore, and in fact it is a high time to dissolve and cancel what is so-called region or regionalism. The notion that the land belongs to the community is invalid, it was just a plan used by the SPLM during the peace negotiations (CPA) with the former Sudan government to resolve and claim some disputed areas which Sudan government wanted to annex to the North Sudan. In actual fact, the land of South Sudan is generally owned by the people of South Sudan and not a particular tribe to own the land and by virtue of being a national or citizen, I have an inherent right to own a piece of land in Maridi, Bentiu, Malakal etc. nobody will question or challenge me, but the usage of land can be regulated by the government, that is what we need to understand. It does not mean that you can own the land as tribe or community without the rest of the
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people of South Sudan. We need to move away from that notion. Land belongs to us all not a particular tribe that owns the land. What you own as a person is a piece of land that has been allocated to you to build with your family. That one is yours, but the rest of the land belongs to us all and it is the genuine national government to regulate the use of land. Root causes of the conflict in the Republic of South Sudan. The root causes of the conflict in the Republic of South Sudan are the leadership struggle among the SPLM elites coupled with the lack of democracy, political enlightenment and good governance that contribute and breed tribalism and hatred among the people of South Sudan. Solution and way forward. The only way to liberate ourselves from this mess is to unite ourselves as one people and stage a general uprising against the administration of President Kiir and install a new dispensation that allow the people of South Sudan to choose their good leaders and revive the dignity of the people of South Sudan and rebuild social fabric which has been destroyed because of the lack of good governance and leadership failure. Instead of killing innocent animals, please start to destroy the administration of President Kiir which is the reason of your suffering. Thank you all. 25/1/2023 Gen. Stephen Buay Rolnyang
Chairman and Commander-in-chief, SSPM/A. SSPM/A HQ, DAJO, Upper Nile Region.
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