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DEAR DINKA WORLDWIDE, Please accept my apologies!


Please accept my apologies!


#Copied From Gatluak Thontiop


On behalf of the entire Nuer community, starting from, Nuer Gawaar, Nuer Jikany, Lou Nuer, Nuer Bul, Nuer Dok, Nuer Lak, Nuer Thiang, Nuer Nyuong, Nuer Leek, Nuer Haag, Nuer Jagei and all our various sub-sections.

Please, Allow me to express my sincere apology to every one of you who might have been encompassed directly or indirectly by my tribe’s mischief and Dr. Riek Machar’s in particular, I’m deeply concerned and wholeheartedly want to acknowledge the suffering that we Nuer have inflicted upon your people throughout the history of the twenty-one years of South Sudan’s liberation struggles to the present day. Kindly accept my gratitude as one of your brothers from the Nuer community who is sharing the current pain with you in silence.


Dear brothers and sisters,
I want to concede this afternoon by explaining this untold reality loud and clear to the World that we Nuer have caused the most horrifying destruction to South Sudanese and the Dinka tribe in particular.

To begin,

We have backstabbed you when SPLA/SPLM came up with liberation struggle mechanisms of conscription and by the time they move on to mobilized the young brave strong men from greater Bhar El Gazal region and waded the swamps of Nuer land, we vigorously stood on the way without shame and mercilessly killed dozen of the Dinka young recruits when they were passing in Nuer lands towards Ethiopia military training, you never gave up in the struggle, few of you who survived Nuer aggressors in their land were able to reach Ethiopia and proceeded with the plan of liberating the country that we currently called ours. They thought it was a bad idea but they eventually got the benefits of what took Dinkas and other tribes out of their comfort zone and passed through their villages to Ethiopia land.

I’m deeply saddened by that misstep and I apologize on behalf of my people.

Before the 1991 incident that almost paralyzed the successful battle against Arabs, few elements from the Nuer Army Generals disowned the movement and chose to mislead the Nuer population into abandoning the mighty SPLA, you again stood the ground firmly and fought harder to defeat both Arabs and Nuer betrayers. Dinka as a tribe and few other supporters were not bothered about my community’s activities.

I recognized your heroism and once again apologized for the transgressions posed on you by my people.

In the year 1991, Dr. Riek Machar mutinied against the movement of the SPLA/SPLM and killed almost 60% of the Dinka Bor population, you similarly defeated him with all his uncountable logistical support from the Khartoum regime and other countries around the world that did not want to see South Sudan thrived, I speculate that the year 1991 was a horrible nightmare to all the Dinka community but you dearly moved on and forgave Dr. Riek without resentments.

Our biggest depletion in this country is that we lack a core value of humanity and common understanding among ourselves like any other community. The 21 years of SPLA struggle was not spent because Arabs were strong to be vetoed. The struggle took us so long to attain because the Nuer army Generals within the rank of the SPLA/M were deteriorated by the swift success and achievement of the SPLA in their various fronts and divided themselves. The majority of them, however, preferred the embodiment of feeding the enemy with all the necessary confidential information that was huddled to defeat the enemy. Their devilish intention was to dismantle the idea of freeing our people from the Khartoum regime but Dinka as a people with objectives and norms. You ignored them and moved on despite the trade of information and countless conspiracies to weaken the movement. You sacrifice the life of your young man by recruiting Dinka and other few tribes whose hearts were filled with love for the country.

The history of South Sudan and the world as a whole can vouch for the challenges the Dinka resisted. I apologize on their behalf.

Those of Gen. Paulino Matip, Gen. Peter Gadet and thousand of other self-proclaimed generals from the Nuer have done more harm to Dinka than any other tribes during the liberation struggle but you still welcomed us back home whenever we got humiliated and shamelessly chased out by Arabs like honors. I thank God he created Dinka and out them as a blessing to South Sudan even though few of Nuer and other enemies whose eyes are crumpled with hatred and tribal mindset will not see the greatness in you.

I apologize for that. Please forgive us, we are not the same, some of us know what it takes to be a South Sudanese today.

Dear Dinka and other peace-loving societies, let me reminisce to you that you have patriotically demonstrated the unifying spirit of brotherhood for so long, you have managed to accept us as your stubborn brothers and sisters in our various borders, we have killed and raided a million of your cattle across Dinka lands but you later filled up your heart with peace and forgave the few perpetrators.

I’m keenly aware that When a few of your angry youth attempt to come and take our cattle from Nuer land, your elders and the government intervenes and asks your youth to return the raided cows, your youth always comply but Nuer have never done that to you.

In the year 2013, Dr. Riek Machar again without remorse he staged a coup for the fourth time when President Kiir was speedily seeing the development of Juba and the country at large. The victim and the target of Guandit were to fight, take over the government, and erase Dinka. You still went on and pardoned him despite the destruction and economic meltdown he caused to the country.

What else can I say that you did not do to bring and continued to govern this country. We know the truth but we withheld it in telling to the World and the upcoming generations.

We have done unexplainable destruction to most of the Dinka territories that are bordering our lands but you all choose peace over these disheartening and human suffering imposed on your susceptible populations — from all your respective ancestral lands, I acknowledged and salute you all for the endurance and resilience that Dinka population have persevered for so long. I’m deeply apologizing to all the Dinka community. From Twic Mayardit, Malual Buoth Anyaar, Apuk Giir Thiik, Awan Achan Nyal, Aguok Mou Akeen, Kuac Ayook Magong, Greater Tonj, Waau, Gok Arol Kacuol, Agaar Madong, Yirol, Greater Bor, Ngok Deng Kuol, Ruweng, and Jiang Ageer.

Though I’m nicknamed by my community as
“Gatluak Mangueel” I promise to continue telling the truth to where it belongs and if that qualifies me to be Nuer-wew, then be it.

The end…….



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