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Cueibet commissioner survives assassination attempt

Akol Mathiang, an SPLM-IO nominee and newly appointed commissioner of Cueibet County in Lakes State, last week narrowly survived a road ambush after an assailant opened fire on his convoy while en route to the county headquarters.

A suspect identified as Bith Agor opened gunfire, targeting the commissioner’s vehicle as he was returning to Cueibet County headquarters after a meeting with traditional chiefs, executive directors, and payam administrators. The incident occurred in Abieicok Payam.

Speaking to Radio Tamazuj, the deputy commissioner of police in Cueibet County, Colonel Machar Muorwel, confirmed the incident but said there were no casualties.

“Yes, it is true. The commissioner was attacked by an assailant identified as Bith Agor but the commissioner is safe and his vehicle was not hit by any bullet. When he opened gunfire on the car of the commissioner, the security forces who were escorting the commissioner exchanged gunfire with the attacker,” Col. Muorwel said.

The police chief said that security forces are following the suspect to be brought to book for investigation.

“We managed to arrest a chief and one of his close relatives, but we were ordered to release them by the commissioner and they have been released but security forces are searching for him to bring him to book,” Col. Muorwel added.

The Executive Director in Abieicok Payam of Cueibet County, Makuac Chol, described the incident as an unfortunate event.

“Luckily he was safe and sound and his vehicle was not hit by any bullet,” Chol said.

Commissioner Akol Mathiang confirmed that he was attacked in Abieicok Payam after a community meeting with traditional chiefs on a planned peace and reconciliation initiative among the warring Gok community of Cueibet County.

He said the security forces had managed to arrest some of the suspects linked to the attack.


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