Coronavirus defaces academic calendar 2021

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My mind continue to hang in the balance when the Minister of General Education and Instructions Awut Deng Acuil recently revealed that schools would only reopen for candidate classes. She said reopening candidate classes was phase one.

Currently, there are many who doubt the success of this new development as revealed by Minister Awut in a statement that all schools would reopen in phase two in April 2021.

The move by Minister Awut was warmly received. She said clearly that Primary Eight and Senior Four candidates would start classes this week on Monday the 5th of October and urged the contenders to be prepared for their final examinations early 2021.That was a wonderful doing by minister.

However, there are many questions that continue to roam in the minds of the parents that Minister should come out to clarify to them regarding the fate of the current Primary Seven pupils and those who are supposed to be in senior two comes April 2021.

As a teacher, I don’t understand and needs clarification on these questions: Will the current primary seven [P7] pupils or senior one [S1] students remain in the same classes in the next academic calendar? Will there be automatic promotion to the next class without being taught?

If this question don’t find answers, that means the current primary eight will be in the same class with the current senior ones in the year 2021 and there will be no primary eight in the year 2021 since the primary seven will have to repeat the same class. That means there will be a gap unless all the classes resume this year.

We should take note that the current senior ones are supposed to be in senior two to give room to the current primary eight.

As educational authorities in the states carry out Back to Learning Campaign, they must put in their mind that the academic calendar for the year 2021 is already marred by the current arrangement on the resumption of schools for candidate classes.

As of Monday 5th, many schools were still not having adequate wash facilities, water tanks, Sanitizers and Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) for all pupils, teachers and support staff.

That means the lives of the pupils and teachers are still under threat of Covid-19. This is because sanitizers and Protective Materials are expensive for schools and individuals to acquire due to the current economic meltdown in the country, unless there is serious intervention by the government and its partners. This is the situation!

A number of parents I spoke to are curious about the current trend in the education sector. They want the whole academic year to be suspended till next.

Otherwise, there are currently many doubting parents in the Republic of South Sudan.

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