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Controversial Governor Manytuil returns to Bentiu after successful Juba ‘lobby’


BENTIU – The governor of Unity State Joseph Nguen Manytuil Wijang has on Friday afternoon returned to the state capital Bentiu from Juba where he has spent two months in what his allies say is ‘lobby’ for solution to the rampant insecurity and floods in the state.

Manytuil was summoned by President Salva Kiir and the Council of States in August following the killing of Mayom County commissioner by suspected rebels belonging to General Stephen Buay Rolnyang and the subsequent extrajudicial killing of offers alleged to be the killers of the commissioner.

The commissioner, Gen. Chuol Gatluak Manimeh, is the elder brother of the presidential advisor on security Tut Gatluak Manimeh.

In August, the Council of States slapped Manytuil with a vote of no-confidence, but President Kiir said the house acted ultra-vires on the governor and then formed a committee to investigate the killing which has also been condemned by international organizations.

Manytuil then stayed in Juba and never returned to Bentiu.

In a statement yesterday, the office of the governor said Governor Manytuil left the capital Juba and arrived in Bentiu where he was welcomed by the civil population.

“Governor Lt. Gen. Dr. Joseph Manytuil Wejang has this morning left Juba for Unity State’s capital Bentiu after courtesy call visit to Juba to lobby and consults the national government on the issue of flood, rampant insecurity and relief assistance to the flood displaced persons in Unity State,” the governor’s office said in the statement.

“The governor was accorded a ceremonial reception by thousands of people residing in Bentiu IDPs camp, Bentiu and Rubkona town expressing their joy and happiness,” the statement added.



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