Continued conspiracies of Nilepet Managing Director Dr. Chol Deng Thon.

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Continued conspiracies of Nilepet Managing Director Dr. Chol Deng Thon.


By Monyluak Mijak Tor,



This testimony might shock many of you but bear with me as I give you an insight story of who Dr. Chol really is based on current adventures and previous versions of his dealings. Dr. Chol is a man obsessed with egocentricity, lustrous appetizers, chauvinistic characters and conspiracies. South Sudanese as a people are easily driven by emotions and sympathy for others, and with this, many people have sympathized with praises that Dr. Chol is the awaited Messiah of Nile Petroleum capable of moving mountains and seas to another planet. These are all lies paid for by Dr. Chol to his stooges, bootlickers and concubines to confuse the public while continuing with looting.

Unfortunately, the adjectives framed in praising him are blank cheque meant for attracting public opinion in a positive way and the matter fact that Chol came back to his previous kingdom for two reasons is covered with propaganda that he is the savior, but Chol is back to revenge on his sacking from Nile Petroleum which he blamed on few greedy Bahrgazalians who betrayed him not to continue with his looting projects. Chol also wants to repay himself as he loses millions of money for campaigning in his last return to Nile Petroleum. He made this clear through appointment of 42 directors from his close relatives, in-laws and Apadang community from Baliet county of Upper Nile state in order to consolidate means of income from different sources of revenue.

Many people believed that Chol was reappointed based on merits but he forged his way through by paying political brokers huge money to convince the president that he is the only person capable of salvaging the company from the brink of collapse which is not correct. If people talk of real reformists, Chol will not even be in the top ten because he is the man behind the wreckage of Nile Petroleum corporation in the last five years through his conspiracies. He played a great deal in the downfall of Thelweng Mathiang Rok using his dirty tricks to remove him. If you don’t believe this, just have your time to find out that almost every employee in Nile Petroleum is unhappy with the return of Chol. Chol has started fighting with staff from day one of his return physically as usual, because he is known as a lunatic fighter in his neighborhood. He was once quoted saying that “ my in-laws from Bhare Gazal listen with their mouths”. This is simply to say that he is paying many people from that side to maintain his position as managing director of Nile Petroleum.

To complement this claim, he started by removing all the staff who are not related to him from top position replacing them with his relatives and a few sellouts who have chosen bread from integrity and employed them as city cameras to record people and report against workers around the clock to appease their nasty boss. Chol clandestine activities, bribery, sensory and division of the staff are main components of his managing style. The company has become a political round table where staff are divided into Chol boys and enemies of daily bread. So which future does this hold for gigantic national corporations like Nile Petroleum? Nile Petroleum corporation was initially established to evaluate, monitor and guide foreign companies operating in the oil industry in South Sudan. Not only that, but to empower South Sudanese working in the oil sector and train staff to take over from foreigners in coming years. Is that happening now? Not exactly. Is Nile Petroleum corporation generating enough revenues as meant to be through buying more shares? No, why? Because Chol is busy buying people instead of shares. Leadership has missed targets this round for bringing back wildcat like Chol Deng who he is thirsty and will quench his thirst before doing any tangible things that many anticipated. He is enriching himself with his political brokers at the expense of poor South Sudanese who expect service delivery from such institutions.

Dr. Chol is a deadly cone man with deadly tricks that many readers won’t believe. The building of Nile Petroleum which is located near freedom hall was an initiative of Thelweng with an accumulated budget of 11 million dollars, but Chol altered that contract after his appointment and signed a new contract worth 47 million dollars in order to divert some money into his overseas accounts. He spent his four years using the building as scapegoat for staying in Nile Petroleum as managing director of Nile Petroleum telling president of his main project that needs to be completed first and should be given enough time to complete it. But he didn’t finish it until he was sacked by the leadership.

With all these dirty games played by Chol in his first term as managing director, he made his way back to Nile Petroleum using all possible means to secure position again. He told some of his close friends that he uses around 2 million dollars for campaigns and he must pay himself before others knowing that things will deteriorate soon or later.

To be continued….

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