Contacting republic of S. Sudan to make informed decision on numerical UNSC sanctions on trade and armed embargo the factor of gun violent all over South Sudan sovereignty

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Contacting republic of S. Sudan to make informed decision on numerical UNSC sanctions on trade and armed embargo the factor of gun violent all over South Sudan sovereignty


By Dut Augustino Agei

Helsinki Finland


Sanction according to international laws are situation where nation state under the agreement of the US, Russian federation, China, UK and France made a decision to sanction a nation within the membership of the UN leadership. According to just war theory South Sudan numerical threats of human right and violation of the conduct of wars resulted into trade and armed embargo sanction and should that never be ease then nation state must be sanctions on from the global participation of UN security council on trade and armed embargo in the international system.

In the recent veto by the members nation the UNSC extended the previous sanction for a year and perhap several years depend with the situation of South Sudan under the humanitarian grounds of the republic of South Sudan being a nation under the responsibility to protected. According to the UNSC the national sovereignty of South Sudan lack what the UN considered to be the state responsibility of protecting civilians from all the forms of militarization and management of the armed weapons and above all the state violation of human right, war crime and crime against humanity committed by the situation of hostility without the hesitation of the ground rules in conformity of peace agreement around the world.

South Sudan sanctions on trade and armed embargo internationally carry the responsibility to protected and should that never be taken care of from within then sanctions over many other reasons of militarisation, state anarchy and gun violent situations may contributed into several other political stability contrary to UN laws and orders under the agreement of the UN membership within the community of nations. According to UN several sanctions of the nation state contributed into denials of several other UN supports under the international peace protocol, democracy pressure and provision of national loans in addition to trade tariff regulations that are within the UN mandate. South Sudan with sanction carry the state apprehension of the invasion without accountability from the worldly governments a sitaution in which border conflicts are in contentious tensions without self defense by the virtue of sanctions of the armed embargo therefore unjustifiable of state frontiers within and outside the nations.

On several occassions sanctions according to the UNSC are situation of calming down the conflict from intensifying in a given scenaro under the international agreement of the nation state.  According to the UNSC resolutions sanctions are passed in a situation where the nation within the UN membership cannot control the level of conflict therefore resulted into a take  over by the UN peace keeping forces the case UN administrations in the newly created state and the states that are unrecognized by the the worldly governments and that are struggling to solidify the sovereignty under the system of the UN mandate of responsibility to protected. These are also some scenaro incase the situation of conflict qualify to be in category of genocide, war crime, crime against humanity under hostilty witnessed. In as much as UNSC sanctions South Sudan with background of conflicts there are situations where sanctions carry pross and cons in a given situations.

South Sudan with sanctions of armed embargo favour the escalations of weapons profilerations all over the country. Some levels of conflicts within the nations state will be minimals and above all the government and the oppositions that are antagonizing each other will have the lesser military strategy therefore resulted into democratisations processes. South Sudan with sanctions similarly carry the minimals cases of war crime and crime against humanity committed as a results of state warfares. The process of sanctions in additions reduced some situations of state accussation of the UNSC of the global wars on terror supports and eventually over the state repercussions of risking the international trade in world trade centre in New York and additionally the bans in Russian trade markets of weapons. South Sudan with sanctions are againt the position of the national sovereignty in a situation where the border wars are the African problems. In economic wise South Sudan with sanctions affected the bilateral agreement between South Sudan with the first world nations and as a results of trade sanctions and armed emabrgo this resulted into restiriction of loans from the Bretton wood institutions that are connected with the international mandate of the UNSC and one can easily mentioned several other mores.

Discritions are situations of passing informed judgement on what to do over a given situations. South Sudan with backgrounds of sanctions carry more demerits then the merits on South Sudan. The UNSC are powerful branch of the international agreement of the security council that can passed a resolutions of terminating a conflict in a situations where the state anarchy are intensifying. By the sanctions getting extended across different time frame the nations state stand a chance of UNSC membership withdrawells and the process of readmitting are expensive with time as a results of long terms conflicts and violations of the international norms of UN missions on world peace in the international arena. There are ways in which the internal conflicts may contributed into the downfall of the nation state. Some of them are in the category of sanctions that if not correctly addressed may resulted into state system of trade banned and the omissions of cooperations agreement over the reasons of the passed judgement made by the resolution councils of the UN. South Sudan with background of sanctions must and should be given a informed decisions in a situations of reducing internal conflicts therefore ease the process of future sanctions.



Dut Augustino Agei is a member of South Sudan diaspora civil society group, a Vatican scholar at pro peace institute at the University of Oslo, Norway, a member of the upcoming S.S online blogger South Sudan foreign relations politics and diplomacy (ssfrp&d) and can be easily contacted via mail address:


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