Condemnations of the ongoing atrocities in Leer County orchestrated by the government and allied militias

Condemnations of the ongoing atrocities in Leer County orchestrated by the government and allied militias



April 10, 2022 — Month ago, an excerpt of a recorded meeting presided over by KOANG BIEL, commissioner of Koch county and Gatluak Nyang of neighboring Mayendit county in Mirmir were circulated, where KOANG BIEL notoriously known as Koang Nyalualgoh promised to match to Leer, invade it and kill the innocent helpless women and children.

The govt of Unity State was made aware of the actions of his two commissioners but intentionally decided to turn a deaf ear on such fateful concerns.

It was exactly on Thursday, 7th of the current month when Koang Biel and Gatluak Nyang implemented their concluded meeting to strike Leer purposely to kill, rape, burn the shelters including the places of worship and subsequently looted everything in their sight.

Atrocities committed so far

Since then, all the villages of Leer county have been burn to ashes with elderly being burnt in the shelters, women and young girls gang raped or forcefully abducted.

Reeds and papyrus used by the helpless women and kids to hide from the merciless militias were burnt, suffocating them to death.

In light of the above mentioned few details, what is happening in Leer right now is not far from genocide and massacre of the people of Leer county.

On the other hand, it’s regrettably noted that Nguen Monytuil, the governor of Unity state is sitting in the state HQs, equipping & ordering his govt legitimate commissioners to wipe out the populace of a certain community.

It’s sad that the whole South Sudan is supposed to enjoy this short break of peace as the country is transitioning from the worse experiences of the civil war that has taken almost a decade but on contrary, innocent civilians continue to die in the hands of those who are supposed to protect them.

Taker Riak Dong, commissioner of Leer county is said to be also collaborating with the aggressors to buy his position and breads in the expense of the people and the land under his jurisdiction.

We’re therefore calling on the R-TGONU in all its functioning levels to stop this cowardice actions of launching attacks on innocent women and children.

In conclusion, we urge the Youths to stand their ground to defend the land, the innocent kids and women. The enemies are known and will dearly pay for their actions sooner than later.

The author, Nhial Puok Gai, is the chairperson of Dok Community in Egypt. He can be reached for more information at or at


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