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Comparison between Ruweng Administrative Area and Meluth County on how the Community

Development funds (Community’s Oil revenue shares) have been used for the benefit of Community The constitution of South Sudan grants Oil producing areas five percent (5%) oil revenue shares, two percent (2%) to State or Administrative Area government and three percent (3%) to community.

Three percent (3%) of community oil revenue shares can be used for community projects such as education, health, water and so forth but Chief Administrator of Ruweng Administrative Area, who is being driven by politicians mismanaged the community funds as politicians used to divide them for themselves.

The CA Stephano Wieu de Mialek was trying to be a good of SPLM SG that is why he was involved in the fake cleaning at the SPLM House. You could see below the deplorable pictures of the people in Ruweng Administrative Area. Any leader who has people at his heart cannot leave people at this situation and claim to be championing cleaning at Juba.  A leader cannot mismanage the funds for the below people. 

Pupils in Primary School used woods as stools to sit on during classes  

A picture showing the direst situation whereby over five hundred (500) pupils attending classes, while sitting on ground in Dr. John Primary school.  

School children sitting on bricks during their class 

Pupils used woods as their seats in class

Pupils sitting uncomfortably on stones and other old materials in class

School children in Ruweng Administrative Area used stones for sitting on during their classes  

Teachers’ Office Premises 

Teachers’ Office premises in Panrieng Town

A thirsty child in Ruweng drinking from muddy water 

Muddy and unclean water being used for drinking by people and animals 

Children in Ruweng drinking directly from muddy water 

A thirsty child drinking from dirty water 

A child fetching water 

A woman in Ruweng filled a bucket with dirty water meant drinking 

Chief Administrator, Ruweng Administrative Area standing at the left and SG of the SPLM at the right.

The Chief Administrator was engaging in a fake cleaning at the SPLM House, the cleaning was a political move but not a genuine cleaning as the SPLM has its own management that deals with all services including cleaning the compound. 

Below are the pictures of Meluth County and how CD funds have been used for the benefits of the community, one could see the real different 

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