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Chief Administrator call forgiveness for country’s unity during Christmas 2022

On behalf of the Government of Ruweng Administrative Area and on behalf of the people of Ruweng, I take this opportunity to extend our best Christmas wishes first to H.E Gen. Salva Kir Mayardit, President of the Republic of South Sudan and his entire leadership. Celebrating Christmas means the beginning of forgiveness and peace – as God gave us his best, the only son who will later die on the cross.

To the people of South Sudan and to my beloved people of Ruweng, the true sense of our being is not in receiving but in giving and as God gives us His only best, may this Christmas season be about what we do or give for the welfare of our people. May we give peace to this Nation, the Republic of South Sudan as our only
‘best’ that we can give.

Nations and societies that have succeeded, have done so in an environment characterized by unity, peace, hard work and innovations. Disunity robs societies and nations of progressive development. It disorients societies and nations towards transformation and prosperity. To my dear people of Ruweng, for this Christmas Season, I call on two (2) things: the necessity of our unity and the spirit of hard work, hard work, hard work and hard work. Let’s engage in productive activities in order to drive towards prosperity. It is time to reflect on how we can create a better Ruweng, a Ruweng that takes care about the holistic well-being of its people, a Ruweng that is inclusive of all societies, a Ruweng where we all strive for social and political cohesion.

This year has been challenging as there been many intersecting drivers as a result of climate change (flooding), destruction of crops by the flooding and birds however, despite all these challenges, you continue to demonstrate high level of resilience in dealing such shocks and I believe this Christmas will be a promise of hope for the people of Ruweng.

As host community, continue with this great demonstration of peaceful coexistence and social cohesion, between you and refugees, our brothers and sisters from the Nuba Mountains that have been affected and displaced by conflict.
Finally, I call on your usual support to the implementation of the peace agreement and may this Christmas Celebration sustain peace and grant blessings to the people of Ruweng and people South Sudan.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


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