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CEPO is urging IGAD leadership to urgently handle Sudan political crisis through proper peace mediation within the month of June, 2023 following the merging trend of formation of secession governments. If the political violence of Sudan between the warring parties continue for the next two months Sudan totally break into several centres of political power that will be administer by separate established governments in various towns of Sudan. Likely the centres of political powers will be Nuba Mountains, Eastern Sudan, Darfur, Blue Nile and the rest of Sudan which will be serious military confrontation among the Khartoum based fighting or conflicting parties.
Mr Edmund Yakani, Executive Director of CEPO says the Sudan political is posting serious peace and Secuirty thteats in the horn of African and unfortunately this trend is also supported by some governments in the horn of African with aid from the gulf and global partners that love to see breakdown of functional

Government and state into entities of political instability for their selfish interests. The innocent citizens of the horn of African are paying expensive price through the list of their lives and properties.

The Sudan military confrontation among the warring was a clear example and beginning of military culture of political secession which is dangerous to collective peace and Secuirty in Sudan and the horn of African.

The breakdown of functional
government and state in Libya and attempt in Ethiopia, p ok itical
Instability in Somalia and now the instability in Sudan is potential threat for possible IGAD collapse. Mr Yakani stressed

Finally IGAD head of states and governments should urge hold extraordinary summit on Sudan political crisis and the government should initiate that and drive it without any failure by the end of the month of May, 2023

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