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CEPO Condemn Police brutality on civilians in Lakes State.

CEPO Condemn Police brutality on civilians in Lakes State.

CEPO had learned that three Radio Good News staff including Station Director Marial Deng and artists had become victim of police brutality in Lakes State. The police Operation accused Radio Good News music production studio to have allowed an artists to compose a song that condemn police brutality on civilians.

This incident had prompt police Operation department in the state to sent their team that picked up Radio Good News Music Producer and taken to Police station where he was detained. The station director with other three staff went to the police station to confirm reason behind detention of their staff, they were all ask to remove their belonging in the pockets and after seeing a recorder, they were all subjected to serious tortured, kept in the bathroom and later release without charges.

CEPO Condemn continuous police brutality on civilians in Lakes State, this is a violation of Constitutional rights and right to freedom expression. Police can’t continue with such intimidation on innocent people in the state. Police are not suppose to intimidate or torture citizen, their role is to provide protection of life and properties.

We call upon Lakes State Government headed by Acting Governor Hon. Poth Madit to quickly intervene, those police must be held accountable for their actions against civilians. we also demand for immediate release of the detained artist without condition. This is the 3rd time that CEPO has registered cases of police brutality within shortest period in the year.

Daniel Laat Kon

CEPO, State Coordinator

  • Lakes State – Rumbek


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