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JANUARY 10,2022.

JUBA….(SSVV) Governor Emmanuel Adil Anthony has to convened an extraordinary expanded council of ministers that brought on board all State Advisors including the Heads of the State Independent Commission.

The essence of the meeting was to look at how the State Government has performed for the past Year, identifying challenges encountering the State and see how best the leadership can turn the hurdles into tangible opportunities for the people of Central Equatoria State.

Giving his key note address on the State Strategic direction and focus for the New Year 2022,Governor Adil explained explicitly on the following seven(07) thematic critical issues to be addressed as herein;

01- Security Stabilization and it’s related threats during implementation; The State leadership shall continue to devise more Stronger and robust peace programmmes with an aim to putting into an an end on civil war and rebellion across the State and as well as engaging he holdout groups to denounce violence and join the wagon of peace.

02-Land grabbing and informal land settlement in Juba County and Juba City; The relevant state Government institutions especially the Ministry of Housing,land Commission and the ministry of Local Government to continue devising appropriate mechanisms to address such issues and formulate land survey and demarcation plan.

03- Rampant Cattle Movement across the State; The Government will formulate laws which shall regulate cattle from moving from one place to another and tasked the ministries of Animal Resources and Local Government to create necessary mechanisms in regards to the matter.

04- Communal conflicts; Government together with other partners will intensify efforts geared towards rebuilding the social fabrics and devise more mechanisms on conflict resolution and management at all levels.

05-Coordination with Humanitarian and Development partners; The state leadership and other lined Government institutions shall exhibit the spirit of Cordial coordination with partners and tap into their potential plans for the full realization of tangible services to the people of Central State.

06- Electronic revenue collection; the state Government shall sooner than later be shifting to electronic revenue collection as a way to intensify it’s collection to facilitate the key Government activities.

07- Repatriation of the camping population from the neighboring countries; The state leadership shall under take robust measures to create a conducive environment for the dignified repatriation,resettlement and re-integration of the refugees and returnees across the State and as well stabilizing the security situation.

After exhaustive deliberations on the Governor’s policy statement, the members unanimously resolved to working in the realization or implementation of the above mentioned key issues to effect tangible services to the people of Central Equatoria State.


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