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JUBA – With just a matter of hours remaining to the August 30, 2021—the day the so-called People’s Coalition of Civil Actions earmarked for street protests— the government issued another caution this time without mincing words.

The warning is that any attempt to take to the streets to engineer a regime change will be met by ‘swift and forceful response from an abled and determined security apparatus’.

Governor Central Equatoria State Emmanuel Adil Anthony said they will not tolerate any attempt by any group to stage a demonstration in the state and Juba in particular.

He made the statement yesterday during the meeting with the different youth groups from the Equatoria, Bahr El-Ghazal, and Upper Nile regions.

The meeting was called to inform the youth about the dangers of the planned demonstration by the People’s Coalition of Civil Actions.


Adil urged the youth to keep away from the demonstration, adding that government security forces are ready to use force on the protestors.

However, Mr. Adil called on the residents in Juba to remain calm and not to worry about the slated August 30 demonstration as the government had prepared to face the protestors.

“The security situation shall remain peaceful and stable without any tolerance of such violent moves being instigated by some anti-peace elements who are remotely using the innocent citizens on the social media behind their keyboards,” Adil said in a statement released by his office.

“Any attempt to stage a demonstration or whatever you call it in Juba and across the country and the Central Equatoria State, in particular; will be met with a swift and forceful response by the abled and determined security apparatus across the state to the fullest,” he stated.

Earlier, the South Sudan National Youth Union (SSNYU) under the leadership of Gola Boyoi Gola condemned the campaign by the civil society known as the People’s Coalition for Civil Actions to conduct a regime change demonstration across the country.

“The South Sudan National Youth Union would like to categorically and strongly condemn the scheduled uprising being organized and spearheaded by the People’s Coalition for Civil Actions,” The chairperson said in a statement.

The youth warned that any change of the government through a coup or popular uprising would push the country into political anarchy and economic meltdown.

“The position of South Sudan National Youth Union is that the election must take place in 2023 as stipulated in the agreement and the ballot is the only possible remedy from exiting from the current crisis and no other way around,” Gola stated.

Mayor of Juba City Council Kalisto Lado earlier has also vowed to tighten security in Juba and impose strict COVID-19 preventive measures on August 30.

According to Lado, the measures are meant to deter people from gathering and participating in the planned demonstration by the so-called People’s Coalition for Civil Action.

“We urged all the people of South Sudan in Juba City that it is illegal to join the demonstration of the People’s Coalition for Civil Action; no one should allow his child to be deceived on the 30th (August),” Kalisto said.

Lado said the organizers of the protests intend to use ordinary citizens to achieve their agenda while their whereabouts are not known.

“Where do they talk from, why they are not seen, let them come forward so that we meet with them,” he said.

Lado said the leadership of the Juba City Council will patrol the city on that day and that any demonstration without the approval of the police in the city will be considered illegal.

“On August 30, I the Mayor, with my deputies and all chairpersons of blocks, will work with you. We shall be patrolling, there will be no appointments with the Mayor because I will not be in the office,” Lado reiterated.

He said the government will not tolerate any action that violates and disrupts normal activities within the city.

Mr. Lado banned any public functions in all the playing grounds within the city. He said anyone who wishes to conduct an event in the playing ground on August 30 must seek permission from the municipal authority.

“South Sudan will stop any kind of nonsense, any kind of network, and anything that causes destruction and we shall stop it,” Lado further added.

He urged all chairpersons of blocks in the residential areas of any activities associated with disobedience on August 30 and directed them to start to organize their people in their respective areas.

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