Buay Rolnyang: This is your war for a regime change

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Buay Rolnyang: This is your war for a regime change


By Maj. Gen. Stephen Buay Rolnyang,

Important message to my beloved people of Renk, Melut, Akoka, Ngok (Baliet) and (Korfulus), Chollo, Maban and Komi respectively, that do not fear for any unfolding situation in Upper Nile and I reassure you that there will be no tribal war in our country, particularly in Upper Nile region.


This is your war for a regime change. It is the war of national consensus because the current regime has failed to fully implement the revitalized peace agreement and failed to provide vital services to the people and build the capacity of urban and rural communities so that they are able to transform their own lives through effective participation in the management of their own social, economic and environmental objectives.

The oil in Upper Nile is enough to provide basic services to all the people of South Sudan if it is utilized and managed properly.

For instance, the current major highways being roughly constructed from Juba, were supposed to be constructed starting from the oil producing areas, like from Renk through Malakal, Bor and to Juba and from Bentiu through Warap and Lakes to Juba. You cannot milk somebody’s cow from Renk and drink its milk in Juba leaving the owner in limbo and with nothing.

This is the war for rightful ownership and I urge you to stand with us in this fight to the end.

The only war remaining in the whole world now, is the war of your own right before you die and this is the worth dying war for your right because there are no hospitals, schools, clean water and roads for you and your children, yet the oil is right under your Luak and you do not benefit from its outputs while suffering from the oil related diseases that deforms newly borned children and other forms of epidemics.

We must liberate Upper Nile, Equatoria and Bhar El Ghazal regions and converge on Juba to install a democratic and federal system and choose your own leader through ballot based on his competency to rule not tribal. Thank you all.

Maj. Gen. Stephen Buay Rolnyang is a senior officer and member of South Sudan United Front/Army. He can be reached through his social media accounts.

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