Breaking_News..SSPM/A of Gen. Buay Rolnyang attacks SSPDF convoy in Mayom County, Unity State.

Fierce fighting has erupted this morning in a remote village in Unity State’s Mayom County after gunmen state officials say could be identified attacked a eight-vehicle SSPDF convoy heading to Mayom town.

A senior county official with direct knowledge said the incident happened at Tuoch Loka village of Bieh Nyang Payam when unidentified armed men attacked the army convoy coming from the direction of Ajak Kuac.

“The incident happened just minutes after 8:00 AM local time and gunmen we believe are just armed civilians attacked a convoy of the SSPDF comprising eight vehicles and the fighting is said to be still ongoing,” one official who requested not to be named said.

“The convoy was coming from Ajak Kuac in Warrap state and was heading to Mayom County so it was attacked in that village of Tuoch Loka which belongs to Bieh Payam,” he added.

When contacted by Sudans Post, General Stephen Buay Rolnyang, the leader of the rebel South Sudan People’s Movement/Army (SSPDF) said their forces are behind the attack.

The rebel leader alleged that the convoy was carrying military equipment for reinforcements to attack their positions, a claim Sudans Post cannot independently verify.

“Yes the fighting is going on and our forces have captured and destroyed the whole convoy. The convoy was sent from Juba to Mayom with military equipment to fight the SSPM/A,” he said.

Gen. Buay further warned commercial flights against using Mayom airspace or risk putting their life at risk.

“All commercial flights that are being hired by the regime to transport guns and Ammunitions are hereby warned not to flight to Mayom area,” he added.

Several attempts by Sudans Post to reach SSPDF in Juba were unsuccessful.

The incident comes a week after forces loyal to Gen. Buay attacked Mayom town and assassinated the county commissioner Chuol Gatluak Manimeh, the elder brother of presidential affairs advisor Tut Gatluak

Courtesy of Sudans Post.


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