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BREAKING: Red Army Calls on President Kiir to intervene before internal crises run out of hand


BREAKING: Red Army Calls on President Kiir to intervene before internal crises run out of hand


The Red Army Foundation, one of the main organs of the ruling party, SPLM, that stems from the liberation, is warning president Salva Kiir to intervene to address the grievances that are being tabled by the Red Army Foundation before things run out of control.


“The Red Army have had enough! … We warn the Government of South Sudan through its various security agencies not to interfere in this matter which is an SPLM family matter that should be solved amicably unless someone is looking for trouble.” Read part of the Red Army Foundation statement.

According to the chairman of the Red Army Foundation, the former child soldiers have waited patiently for many years to see if the ruling party would get its act together but they have failed to do so.

“The Red Army for the last 9 years has called on the SPLM to get its act together and fulfil the liberation promise of liberty, justice, equality and prosperity for all.” Said the Red Arm Chairman, Mr. Deng Bol Aruai Bol.

“”The people of South Sudan have convicted the SPLM for failing the people and the Country it liberated.” He continued.

According to Deng Bol, the Red Army through their umbrella organization, the Red Army Foundation , has intensified its advocacy on behalf of the Red Army and all victims of the war through the Lobonok Position Paper that calls for the rejuvenation of the SPLM on the basis of its liberation principles; however, they believe their efforts all fell on deaf ears.

“Now, the Red Army is on collision course with the SPLM. Our leaders keeps telling us that the SPLM belongs to us, yet we are not part of it, not working in it and not making policies and decisions within it.” Deng emphasized.

“We have finally decided that if the SPLM belongs to us, we must own it so that we can use it as a ruling party to rescue and save our suffering people and nation.” He continued.

The Chairman of the Red Army was not very straight forward but he expressed concerns that the SPLM is being hijacked by the NCP members and other non-SPLM members who are advising the president.

He calls on president Salva Kiir to quickly intervene or else the Red Army will mobilize to face the SPLM party head-on until new consensuses are reached.

“Finally, we call upon the Chairman of the SPLM Cde Salva Kiir Mayardit to quickly intervene as this matter has the potential of getting out of hand. We have been patient, professional, courteous and have done everything with the spirit of comradeship and patriotism! But, it looks like no one has these qualities within the SPLM National Secretaria” He said.

“The Red Army all over the world should get ready for a major face off between the Red Army and the SPLM National Secretariat over their cowardice refusal to accept the proposed SPLM – SPLM/A Red Army Dialogue.” Deng Bol added.

The Chairman promised his membership that their organization will issue a press statement on these issues and more in the coming days.

“A press statement from the Red Army Foundation shall come out soon and a major declaration shall follow depending on the attitude of the party.” He continued.



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