Breaking News:TNLA Watch Speaker caught smuggling SSP 12 million through her Private Secretary, admits it was her money, and threatens the life MPs

Saturday 25th February, 2023

It was only two days back, around 4: 00 PM that day while some Hon. Members of Parliament were talking on national issues under the Neem Trees, a certain information was circulating that money was being carried away in a number of sacks from the Parliament. The money was first detained by the security personnel working in the Parliament under the Sergeant at Arms. The Sergeant at Arms reported the matter to the Standing Committee on National Security and Public Order. The money was reported to be about 12,000,000 ssp
The security detained the money because it was not legal to carry the money from the Parliament without any document showing that it was approved by the Parliament as well as it was not appropriate to carry such huge money on the motorcycle within the Parliament, which made the whole thing a suspect.

Unfortunately, the money was taken away from the Sergeant at Arms and put in the vehicle of the Security of the Rt. Hon. Speaker that the Rt. Hon. Speaker said that it was her money. They recorded the details of that vehicle and the records concerning the said money is with the Sergeant at Arms and the Committee on National Security and Public Order.
As the vehicle was waiting for the driver to carry the money away, some Hon Members called the two security personnel of the Speaker who were standing near the vehicle into the money was put. When they were asked about the circumstances of the money, they instead of explaining what happened, the Speaker security started threatening MPs that they would make sure that they are taught a lesson and even not come to the Parliament again.
The two security personnel verbal threats made against MPs and to make matters worst the two security took the photo of those MPs without consent accompanied by the warning and the showing of the ID of the CID officer working for the Speaker.

As it was once observed, under Rt Hon Speaker Jemma Nunu Kumba there is no room fir democracy and thus it is difficult for people to engage with their MPs online or face to face talks. Many MPs now fear to discuss matters such as abuse of power and wrong doings because if MPs are caught talking about short comings in Parliament then such assumed ‘wrong’ talk will lead to threats, abuse or intimidation outside of Parliament and the Speaker is said to be spearheading kidnapping of Polticians. Indeed the kidnapping of Gen Eng Chares Kisanga followed his meeting with some MPs discussing how Speaker undermined their roles especially chairs of specialised committtes, which he later published in an article describing her as unfit for Office.

In summary, Members of Parliament life are now under serious threats by Speaker Jemma Kumba, day looting and robberies and Speaker is on crusade of corruption, bully, intimidation of MPs. Trees which used to make Parliament grounds environmental friendly are mowed down with the lame excuses just because the Speaker is fearing people are talking politics against her under those trees.

The question is for How long can the nation of South Sudan sustain a Parliament which is now in intensive care like this?

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